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Situated on 200 acres in beautiful Sussex county New Jersey, our venue has countless trails, lush fields, and picturesque backdrops for ceremonies and photographs. Be surrounded by an air of tranquil beauty and appreciate a wedding venue that gives you the space and time to enjoy your wedding.

Beyond a beautiful nature setting, our venue also specializes in the following atmospheres: Medieval, Renaissance, Viking, Fantasy, Enchanted Forest and Rustic. There is a medieval bar room and main hall, a jousting arena, a castle façade, a lakeside terrace and a medieval boat on our large beautiful lake, to name a few of our lovely themed areas. We even have an outdoor archery and axe throwing range usable upon request.

Key Features of our unique New Jersey wedding venue

  • 200 acres of enchanting nature
  • A medieval bar room and main hall
  • A large beautiful lake, beach and lakeside terrace
  • Countless picturesque backdrops for ceremonies and photographs
  • 24 to 72 Hours of exclusive use
  • Overnight accommodations for your friends and family
  • Commercial Kitchen access
  • 9 cabins which can be used to sleep guests or for staging

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Camp Sacajawea offers an atmosphere that lends brilliantly to medieval, renaissance, fantasy, viking, enchanted woods and rustic themes. Because we host the Sparta NJ Renaissance Festival and many medieval and fantasy organizations, our venue has been designed with a unique look not often found elsewhere.

We specialize in offering you packages that reduce stress by giving you plenty of time to design and run the wedding you’ve envisioned. You are not given a measly five hours; how could you do all that you’d want in such a short amount of time? We won’t be cramming other weddings right before and after yours; instead you’ll get between 24 to 72 hours to breath and fully enjoy the moments that you deserve!

During your time here, any friends and family that you wish may stay the night!

Enjoy fun-filled quality time with loved ones.

Examples of my work

You can see even more photos in our Camp Sacajawea Gallery

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