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At Cakes Cove we are proud geeks and love celebrating our passions through the most lovingly made desserts using only the best ingredients. We first make everything taste delicious… then we level them up to look amazing. Forever feeding that internal struggle of "it looks too good I don't want to eat it." While rewarding those that take the first bite. Does that make us evil? Maybe. But the dark side has cookies…Go on, eat your fandom.

Sam Lapointe, founder and owner, specializes in designing unique desserts with wonderful twists for every occasion. We work on designing each dessert to suit the unique personality of the happy couple. Boasting projects like life-sized Star Wars droids, cakes that hang from the ceiling, and wearable suits of chocolate armour.

Cakes Cove specializes in:

Don’t see it on our website? Dream it and we will build it! Can you stump this designer? We dare you to try. We want to celebrate your love by making your cake dreams come true.

“FINALLY, not a boring wedding cake! I wish that Cakes Cove was available the first time I tried this "getting married" thing. The creations at Cakes Cove are spectacular, delicious and FAR from boring. Sam is super approachable and has a "OF COURSE WE CAN" attitude. Her willingness to work on our "vision" of a cake was excellent. The various flavours available were more than we could ask for, and the samples only made it hard to pick a flavour. (I went chocolate, don't judge me!) Give Sam and the crew at Cakes Cove a call and check Wedding Cake off your to-do list for the wedding.” -Brian Slowleigh,

“From one Star Wars fan to another, best red velvet Captain Phasma cake I've ever had. Sam is a true artist not only at just baking, but her sculpting and attention to detail is incredible. It all comes together with a taste that will have you back for more.” -J.Bowyer, Facebook

The best way to start your adventure with Cakes Cove is to book a consultation. Get creative with our award winning designer, Sam Lapointe as you enjoy four cake flavours of your choice, and tea at your private consultation.

During your consultation you'll go over the number of guests, the type of dessert you would like, your theme/colour scheme, venue, budget and vision and design the perfect item(s) to make your event a sweet one. It is recommended that your consultation is limited to you and one guest for the best experience.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

We cater to Offbeat Couples by stirring each batter, decorating each cake, and setting each chocolate with the same Offbeat core values driving our creations. Inclusion is our motto and secret ingredient to each treat. We want to make your celebration a lil sweeter with a unique dessert that showcases your love.

We know that the cookies are ever in our flavour,
We believe in magic, adventures, and that love is love is love.
We know the answer to everything is 42 and if not then its chocolate.
We believe you are you, that is truer than true, and no one alive who is you-er than you!

May the fork be with you, live long and eat cake.

“I've been going to Cakes Cove for years I love them. When I got engaged I knew there was only one place for me to get my cake!! My fiancé and I just had our consultation this weekend and we LOVED it! Sam worked so closely with us to design a great cake and stayed within our budget. We don't have a large budget, so this was really helpful, as most places really just don't care. She understands weddings can be expensive, and helped us out! I can't wait to get married just so I can eat more of that cake!”
– Jerona B, The Knot

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