Cads About Matrimony

Take your bachelor/ette festivities to 11 with revolting humor and sinister satire around sex, love, and humanity's most fraught life-long commitment. Cads About Matrimony is a wedding-themed party game that makes a mockery of one of civilization's most sacred institutions. Based on the same dark wit and matching format of hit party game Cards Against Humanity,™ the game is simple to play. One player reads a question card out loud. The other players each submit an answer card. The best answer wins. The results are as hilarious, embarrassing, depraved, and satisfying as marriage itself.

The perfect antidote to the same old lame wedding games you've played for years, these cards are designed specifically to humiliate your friends and upset your in-laws. So gather your wedding party for a night of awful, awkward fun to kick off your journey into matrimonial bliss! Available as a FREE PDF download or a professionally printed hard copy deck here.

NEW THIS YEAR Life is long, and marriage is hard. You need a much bigger deck. We're proud to release our all new, expanded POLY PACK edition, featuring more cards, new material, and endless delightful card combos that will make you laugh and squirm in equal measure.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I created Cads About Matrimony when I was put in charge of games for my dear friend Nicky’s bachelorette party. I went online to look for wedding game ideas, and found plenty of them that were extremely lame. Nicky deserved better. So I was inspired to create a card game that honors the glorious institution that is matrimony, while also preparing my friend for the all frightening realities and delights of married life, and the ceremonial absurdity of the wedding-industrial complex. The game I made for Nicky on my laptop and home printer was an irreverent, joyful parody of wedding culture and marriage hang-ups. We laughed til we cried. As an Offbeat Bride myself, I knew that this game + OBB = match made in heaven.

What Cads players have to say on Amazon:

“The best thing we have ever done at a bachelorette party.” – Barret B.
“These cards are Amazing.” – Lauren
“We all laughed until we cried.” – Regina
“Hilariously inappropriate.” – Colin
“Best game ever!” – Missy
“If you aren’t worried about offending the audience, buy this game.” – Arsonor

Examples of my work

The game was the subject of a guest post I wrote for the Offbeat Bride blog, and featured in a sponsored post!



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