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Buy Our Honeymoon is the top independent honeymoon fund service in the UK. We’ve helped thousands of couples from all over the world create unique, personal and meaningful wedding registries of honeymoon experiences, activities and contributions towards travel and accommodation.

You can add anything you like to your registry — from a few miles of your flight over the Atlantic to a balloon flight over the Serengeti; the first night of your luxury hotel in the Maldives to a farewell drink at the airport on your return.

Couples have listed his-n-hers tattoos in New Orleans and a dog-sitter for their pets back home — gifts that are as personal and engaging for your guests to give as they are for you to receive.

You get the valuable help towards your honeymoon expenses, your guests get to choose a gift that can mean something to them. Less stuff, more memories.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

We’re dedicated to providing an easy-to-use system for you to create a wedding registry that tells exactly the story you want to tell.

Our service is uniquely flexible. You can mix one-off gifts and open contributions, divide your registry up into any number of custom sections and display your gift items in any order you like. There’s plenty of room for you to provide a full description of each item, and you can even include simple formatting and links.

We have a wide variety of gorgeous, versatile design themes that you can customize with your own photos — and they all work perfectly on smartphones and tablets.

There are no ads to ruin the view, you can use one of several domain names, and we keep our own branding to an absolute minimum on your registry pages.

We don’t take commission out of the gifts you’re given. Instead, we have a one-off setup fee of USD $59. Your guests can pay the value of their gifts to you directly using a credit card via Stripe or PayPal, or independently from the site if you prefer. Couples in the UK can also set up gift payments by one-off Direct Debit.

We’re 100% independent — you’re free to make your honeymoon travel arrangements however, and with whomever, you please.

Our site uses gender-neutral vocabulary throughout, and we also have great multilingual options available for couples with international guests.

And if you start your free trial using the code OBB19, we’ll give you a massive 20% discount!

“If you are looking for a fantastically executed service that will be a breeze to do, bring a smile to your guests faces and also make the honeymoon unforgettable look no further.” – Daniel and Matthew

“I have to say, your site is wonderful. I love how much flexibility your registry gives, both in listing items and in customizing it.” – Elaine and David

“This website was so easy to use! It made the entire process much smoother and helped explain to our guests that we weren’t asking for money, we were asking for memories.” – Deanna and Jenelle

You can try out all Buy Our Honeymoon’s unique features by signing up for a free 7-day trial, with absolutely no obligation. If you decide to go ahead, they have a simple, one-off fee of $59 (or £49 in the UK). And, if you start your free trial using the exclusive promotional code OBB19, they’ll give you a massive 20% discount!

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