What better thing to keep with you than your partner's fingerprint? Our custom jewelry features the fingerprint of your loved one in its exact image. It is not etched, it is not engraved, and it is not the reverse view like it would be with an ink stamp. We use a patented process–one that none of today's jewelers use–to create an exact replica of the ridges and valleys of your finger. We do use the art of lost wax casting which is an ancient process. Though the process of casting the rings is ancient, our rings are cast using state of the art techniques to give you the best product. We buy our new raw materials from American manufacturers who boast responsibility and use at least 1/2 recycled material.

Our rings are all handcrafted by only us here in the USA, on the Coast of Maine. All work is guaranteed to be made to the highest quality. Handcrafted rings are a bit different than those made in bulk by a machine; there may be variations and irregularities that add to the character. The fingerprint outcome is based on your finger and its qualities.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

We make handmade custom rings! You are involved in the design of your ring! We send you a kit to collect your finger impression so you are involved in the process of creating your handmade one of a kind ring. We embrace all sorts of unions. We make our rings as socially responsible as possible as well as environmental responsible.

"My fiance's wedding band is gorgeous, everything was done with weeks to spare, and they communicated consistently all the way through the process. I cannot wait to see what new ideas they come up with. I will definitely buy through them again. Beautiful quality keepsakes. ONE OF A KIND AND WORTH IT!" – Katherine M
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Examples of my work

We've been featured on Offbeat Bride many times, going back to to 2009!

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