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Blueprint Registry

Meet Blueprint Registry — the most powerful universal registry that allows you to:

  • Add gifts from any retailer (with our easy to use browser button)
  • Import existing registries from other retailers to keep everything in one place
  • Create customizable honeymoon and cash gifts to reflect your personality
  • And so much more!

Blueprint Registry

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Three of our favorite features cater to offbeat couples….giving them the ability to create a registry as unique as they are:

  1. Shop Top Retailers & Brands from one location: We offer products from 50+ top retailers and allow you to sync or import existing retailer registries. Plus, you can easily sort gifts by retailer, style and price.
  2. Fund Your Future: We offer the most tasteful way to ask for and receive cash gifts. Create a honeymoon fund, home down payment fund, and/or charity fund. You can utilize our pre-populated collections or create custom gifts — throughout it all you can personalize gifts to create a unique and tasteful registry.
  3. Completely Free: Other websites can charge you upwards of 10% through hidden fees and additional costs. Our platform is completely free. Additionally, we subsidize credit card processor costs and only pass along a 2.5% credit card processor fee which saves you and your guests money.

"I love the simplicity of the site but also the ability to register from any online source! The customer service is outstanding as well." – Courtney Walker

"…highly recommend it. It was easy to use/extremely user friendly, loved their style, and had so much fun touring & shopping each room! I was so happy with the service overall…"


Examples of my work

  • Vicki and Matt are a killer example of how personalized you can make your registry these days. Two architects with creative eyes for design, this #BlueprintPair customized their registry to perfectly suit their needs and desires.

"We are both architects, and we were looking for a registry platform that would help us follow through with our house renovation. We didn’t need more stuff, so we thought it would be fun to share our design ideas with our friends and family, and separate them into group gifts so they could select the ideas they liked the most. A friend told us about Blueprint Registry, and the custom gift feature worked perfectly for our registry concept!"

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