Bespoke Socials creates heartfelt celebrations with offbeat couples. We serve as a guide and advocate for those who want to color outside the wedding lines, elevating joy with generous support for thoughtful intention. With wedding industry insight, rebellious creativity, and pretty spreadsheets, we create an authentic expression of your unique love story.

We want to see the best parts of you in your celebration. It should be beautiful, fun, unique, and true. It should bring people together in the best ways. It should amplify the best parts of your journey. We proudly support artists, local businesses, sustainable practices, and doing all things with purpose.

We aim to put more good into the world, one kick-ass wedding at a time.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

We help couples who don't quite fit into the wedding mold find their place in the wedding industry. From relaxed and simple weddings in nature to elaborate multi-day festivities with tons of details, we believe in creating celebrations that look just like you.

"I am SO excited about the ceremony and cocktail reception by the river. All the helpful advice and tips along the way have also been SO very helpful! Your help has allowed me to maintain my excitement about the whole thing and not let me stress over planning drown that out." -Megan M.

Examples of my work

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