I am a professional costume designer specializing in hats, headpieces, crowns, and fascinators. I have been providing fashion and art for the entertainment industry for nearly 20 years and now I am offering my services to the public. Every single thing I make I treat like a little piece of art. You will find no unfinished undersides and every single one of my veils are trimmed with the utmost care. I want to make everyone who wears my hats feel like a superstar cause that's who you are!

~"This is hands down the best headpiece I have ever bought."
~"amazing unique work of art"
~"Went to a Day of the Dead party and wore the crown and everyone loved it. I was stopped by everyone and I won best costume"
~"It's very lovely and lightweight! I can't wait to wear it for NYE and ring in the new year right! "
~"Such a beautiful, statement piece. "
~"This product is so pretty and well made!"

How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I make every single item here myself, by hand. I'm not Amazon. I don't buy from China and resell. I handmake everything from understated vintage fascinators and headbands all the way to enormous, elaborate headdress that will make you feel like a goddess.

"Loved my crown! It was exactly what I was looking for and lasted the entire night. Didn’t pinch or squeeze my head and I didn’t accidentally stab people with it enough to have to remove it early. I felt like a goddess!" -Denise

"This headpiece was perfection for my Halloween elopement. It was lightweight and easy to wear. Everyone loved it and it made for a fun, unique piece in my photos." -KR

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