Backdrops in Floral Art

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Backdrops in Floral Art

NEW as of 2019! We now offer a select rental range. Contact us to find out more info!

Or looking for that extra touch on your special occasion? We can help you with that at Backdrops in Floral Art. After consultation and approval, we create custom handmade artificial floral backdrops to add that unique flair for your background photos.

I've had a love of the arts for as long I can remember and created a variety of pieces with different media but nothing that I thought I could sell and offer people as an enjoyment… that is until my best friend was running out of time for her wedding and I offered to do her background project for her. To see it displayed, the comments and most importantly, the wedding couple's reaction cemented my desire to start this company and create handmade one-of-a-kind products so that I can ensure every couple I work with can feel like their decorations are unique to their personalities.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Creating something that adds to the uniqueness and character for the fun, creative non-traditional couple on their special day is what we enjoy!

Deliveries can be made depending on distance for a fee.

"I would highly recommend Backdrops in Floral Art if you want something striking and not just the same old thing! I could not believe how beautiful it turned out! It was the centerpiece of the entire reception. The perfect backdrop for my ceremony and photobooth. The workmanship is amazing." – Jessica Jordan

Examples of my work

You can visit our website for our creations or our Facebook for reviews.


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