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Art of Roxy Photography

Travelling photographer! Where there is love, I'm down to be there, taking awesome photos. I've been shooting all things human for over 20 years. I can't see myself as anything but a photographer. Ever.

What's my style, you ask? My clients say words like "organic", "relaxed", "fast" and "badass" Basically, I shoot what's real, meaningful, and heartfelt — and I'll do anything to get that shot. Hang off a dock upside down with an assistant holding me down? Yep. Ninja-down onto the sand and wait for the perfect moment the sun bursts through the clouds? Yep.

My secret base is in Charleston, SC, where I'm raising my minions to be outstanding human beings. I love rescued animals, feed veterans on the holidays, and actually do take long walks on the beach – camera often in hand. 🙂

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Embracing your authenticity is what I'm all about. My photography is purely an interpretation of what you and yours are all about. It is a reflection of you. I'm just there to photograph your life, so when you're old and moldy, there's proof you lived & loved.

"Roxy far exceeded my expectations! I don't think I will ever find a better photographer!!" – Aaron Gillaspie

Examples of my work

I recently shot a wedding on Halloween. The bride asked me to come in costume just days before the wedding… racking my brain, I threw together a 1940's VIP/Press vintage outfit, and rocked the wedding. Everyone was in costume! So much fun!

I've worn costumes, gone barefoot, been the only witness to intimate weddings, hiked for miles, and experienced various international traditions in my career. Whatever my client wants, I'm down to do it!

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