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Put the cookie cutter away! That’s great for baking, but not great for your wedding.

I approach every wedding as its own event, or in some cases production, and ask lots of questions. We work together to capture your look and feel, what makes your wedding you.

When your photos post on social, I want your friends to see them and think, “That’s so them.”

My clients range from fresh out of school, to second remarries, to LGBTQ, to all sorts of interesting and creative people who like spinning tradition on its head.

Overall, I focus on capturing your memories to tell your story for years to come. Also, to ensure you and your guests have a great time. And, finally, that we casually sneak in an occasional traditional photo or two so Grandma sends her love.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Weddings go deep on emotion, but they also give couples the perfect time to put their stamp on things.

I love helping offbeat couples reinvent the norm and infuse their personalities (however quiet or loud, crazy or socially in-line) into their photos.

I also enjoy taking on the challenge of lighting or other logistical elements to make those photos happen safely and with exceptional quality.

Everyone may say “it’s your day,” on your wedding. However, I take that philosophy to heart and deliver on it. I want your photos to capture the authentic you through and through.

“Anne was flexible, professional and a lot of fun to work with! So glad she could shoot my very non-conventional fantasy wedding with style. Highly recommend this awesome lady.”

  • Eleora Nelson

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Examples of my work

Call it fate, these couples found me for these epic wedding moments captured over the years:

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