Anna Skoblikova Handmade Wedding Dresses

Hello, I am Anna Skoblikova, and I sell my wedding dresses on Etsy. I am a professional fashion designer and fashion artist. I have successfully graduated from two higher educational institutions – Kyiv State Institute of Decorative and Applied Art and Design named after M. Boychuk and Kyiv National University of Technology and Design.

In 2009, I created my first products with my original sewing technology on the finest net, where the main goal was to exclude commonness and linearity. Having a huge passion for exclusive tailoring, I started designing dresses with complex cuts and interesting textures. Hand embroidery has taken a special place in my heart.

Every product created by the masters who work for me is unique. We do not do mass-produced dresses. We create wedding and evening dresses using unique facings and decorations. For materials, we prefer natural and light fabrics while working with modern sewing technologies.

Our workrooms are located in Ukraine, Israel, Germany, and Eastern Europe.

How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I know Offbeat Brides like colored dresses, and my dresses are pink, grey, black, and more! I also know Offbeat Brides like affordability, and I have dresses that start at just $350.

"Absolutely love love love the detail that went into this. The order experience was wonderful too. She worked with me well on getting the dress exactly how I wanted it! Thank you so much, Anna!"

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