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Congratulations on finding your love of a lifetime! We are happy to share your special day with you.

Rev. Deborah Breining is a creative wedding officiant. She believes that clients should have full input into the creation of their ceremony. She supports marriage equality and honors all religious, spiritual and secular backgrounds.

Many couples are looking for something just a little different so that their wedding day is truly special. Their wedding may focus on a theme (from traditional to sci/fi fantasy), but it’s difficult to find an officiant who can add authenticity to the ceremony! Rev. Deborah believes the wedding ceremony should fit within the theme. The ceremony should accurately reflect your unique ceremony, not just a generic script. She prides herself on working with couples to create ceremonies that are personal and memorable.

Rev. Deborah is a retired Senior Executive with experience addressing large groups and public speaking. She is an ordained nondenominational minister from ULC, and licensed in Ohio. She holds a B.S.O.E. from Wayland Baptist University and two M.S. from Nova Southeastern University.

An Unusual Affair LLC’s Offerings

We are happy to work with couples from all types of backgrounds. Your ceremony should be a reflection of your relationship and your values. Rev. Deborah will work with you to create a custom ceremony that is as unique as you are! There are many options available where Rev. Deborah will be as involved as you desire – she is able to blend into the background and simply present the usual, traditional ceremony to dressing as Q from Star Trek and deliver an in character ceremony tailored to you. Although we are licensed in Ohio, An Unusual Affair, LLC is willing and able to work within your state’s requirements to ensure that your wedding ceremony complies with local and state laws and regulations.

Interfaith Weddings:
Many couples come from different religious or spiritual backgrounds and seek advice on creating a wedding ceremony that honors both traditions. During your initial consultation, we will find out what is important to you and your families and be sure to integrate those elements into the ceremony. Approval of the ceremony is totally within your control. If there are elements of religious, spiritual, and sci/fi fantasy that you want included in your ceremony, we are here to deliver.

LGBTQ Weddings:
An Unusual Affair, LLC supports all couples in marriage and performs wedding and commitment ceremonies for gay and lesbian couples. We are inclusive, flexible, and creative when creating your custom ceremony.

An Unusual Affair LLC – Our Services

If you are looking for the right wedding officiant to preside over your unusual wedding ceremony, you’ve come to the right place! Choosing the officiant is one of the most important decisions of the wedding planning process! It’s recommended that you book your officiant as early as possible to ensure they are available for your wedding date. Every session includes the following:

Initial Consultation – We offer a free, no-obligation consultation with Rev. Deborah before you ever sign a contract. We typically conduct these initial consultations via Skype or phone, but if you would prefer to meet Rev. Deborah in person, that can be arranged as well. We will hold your wedding date for 14 days after the initial consultation, so you will have plenty of time to speak with her and make a decision before you need to sign a contract.

Planning Meeting – Once you’ve signed your contract and paid the 50% deposit, Rev. Deborah will be in touch to schedule a planning meeting. This meeting normally happens in person, but it can also be done via video or phone call as well. Rev. Deborah will ask you questions about what you feel is important to include in your ceremony and get to know the two of you and learn about your relationship. This information will help in writing your ceremony to make sure it reflects your beliefs and personalities. Be sure to bring up anything that is important to include in the ceremony (costume, foreign phrases, etc).

Ceremony Editing – Following your planning meeting, Rev. Deborah will create a full draft of your ceremony and email it to you for your review. You can revise your draft ceremony until it is the exact wedding ceremony you want, and then simply email your edited draft back to her. We want it to reflect your perfect ceremony – if you need additional suggestions or guidance, Rev. Deborah is happy to help!

Officiant Tracking App – We know how stressful your wedding day can be. To alleviate worry and wondering where the officiant is on the way to the ceremony, we use a free app (available for iPhone and Android) such as Life 360 for tracking your officiant. Rev Deborah will create a circle that includes anyone in your bridal party who is assigned the responsibility of knowing where the officiant is, especially if a long distance of travel is required. That way, you will know where she is and when she arrives at your venue.

The Ceremony – Rev. Deborah will arrive at your wedding early to help coordinate with your attendants and get ready for the processional. She is more than happy to work with other wedding professionals, and is perfectly comfortable with photographers taking pictures anywhere they would like during the ceremony. Rev. Deborah will deliver the exact ceremony you’ve discussed, and create a wonderful experience for you and your guests.

The Marriage License – Although it’s your responsibility to get the marriage license before the wedding, as soon as the ceremony fee is paid in full, Rev. Deborah will take care of signing your license and filing it with the proper office. You’ll also get a copy of the license for you to keep, in case you need it for your records or on your honeymoon.

Wedding Officiant Prices

An Unusual Affair, LLC’s prices vary depending on many factors such as the type of ceremony, date, location, travel distance, ceremony style. The basic services included in the pricing contain the following:

  • No-obligation initial consultation
  • In person or virtual planning meeting
  • Creation of the Ceremony script plus edits
  • Performance of the Wedding Ceremony
  • Filing the Marriage License in Ohio

Additional factors, as necessary, will be included when creating your custom price quote:

Travel, Parking and Accommodations: If your ceremony takes place within 100 miles of West Salem, OH, the cost of travel is included in the price quote. Beyond 100 miles will be computed and transparently listed in the contract. Please advise if the location requires a parking fee. If overnight accommodations are required for destination weddings or wedding outside our normal service area, we will include that cost in the quote as well.

Wedding Rehearsals: Many couples choose to not have Rev. Deborah attend their ceremony rehearsal, especially if it is of a great distance. She is available to conduct the rehearsal using Skype or other virtual means, if desired. Otherwise, she will provide a step by step guide to conducting your own rehearsal since the practice is mostly the walking in and out and not conducting the ceremony itself. Please let Rev. Deborah know if you want her to attend your rehearsal for an additional cost. This should be booked along with the ceremony date to ensure her availability.

Price List:

Basic Wedding Ceremony – starting from $300 + parking, & accommodations if necessary (includes travel up to 100 miles from West Salem)

  • No-obligation initial consultation
  • In person or virtual planning meeting
  • Creation of the Ceremony script plus edits
  • Performance of the Wedding Ceremony
  • Filing the Marriage License in Ohio

Enhanced Wedding Ceremony – starting from $400 + travel, parking, & accommodations

  • No-obligation initial consultation
  • In person or virtual planning meeting
  • Creation of the Ceremony script plus edits
  • Performance of the Wedding Ceremony in character
  • Filing the Marriage License in Ohio or other state if required

Ultimate Wedding Ceremony – starting from $500 + travel, parking, & accommodations

  • No-obligation initial consultation
  • In person or virtual planning meeting
  • Creation of the Ceremony script plus edits
  • Attendance and management of the rehearsal (complete from organization to delivery of ceremony)
  • Performance of the Wedding Ceremony in full costume and character (full cosplay)
  • Filing the Marriage License in Ohio or other state if required


  • Attendance and Management of the full rehearsal
    Please see our website for more examples of our add-ons!

    We are here for you! Please contact us today to book your special day.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Offbeat couples are truly discerning and know they want something unusual! We provide custom wedding ceremonies created for your cosplay, sci/fi, Ren Faire, steampunk, etc. wedding event! Don't just settle for celebrating your unusual wedding at your reception — include it in the ceremony! We will work with you to include all the elements you want to ensure that your ceremony reflects your celebratory theme.

Examples of my work

As a retired Senior Executive, I have the skill and experience to deliver a quality, custom ceremony created specifically for you. I have created approximately 25 custom draft templates that range from Ren Faire to traditional ceremonies. With your specific input, I will create a truly custom, one of a kind ceremony just for you.


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