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AMK Wedding Photography began in 1986 and from the beginning; we were kind of an “offbeat” wedding photography company that provided our clients all of the copyrights to every picture that was taken at their wedding. We broke the mold from industry standards by providing copyrights to our clients, allowing them to make reprints and enlargements of their photographs at penny’s on the dollar, saving them hundreds of dollars in reprint costs.

We love Offbeat Bride readers, they stand in a class by themselves and from our experiences are a lot of fun to work with. The key to a successful “offbeat” wedding is an intense level of communication with the couple, making sure that we are providing exactly the type of photography that they are looking for on their special day.

In weddings such as these, we have become inspired from our end, as well as the couples because it’s something new and unusual away from the traditional weddings. We found that the offbeat weddings that we do are so incredibly unique that you really have to wonder where on earth they get these fantastic ideas. We absolutely strive to take an unlimited amount of photographs in order to capture the out of the ordinary shots that will mean the world to our clients and truly will remain timeless in essence. The more creative the couple is, the bigger the party seems to be.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

From the very beginning of a conversation with an offbeat bride, you must have the ability to truly hear what they are saying and how they are saying it. Processing the information they provide to us, we have to use our minds eye so that we have a visual effect as we absolutely see it and hear it from them. Hats off to these wonderfully delightful couples who take important parts of their life, whatever it may be and incorporate it into their very special day.

We have couples fill out a list of desired photographs, checking the boxes of the pictures that they are expecting, and leaving others blank that may not apply to what they are doing. On the back of the photo shot list, we ask them in detail to write down the shots that they want, including the people they want in the shots and in what part of the wedding they want the shots done. Whether it’s candid, formal, storybook, or just flat out bizarre. We want them to know that we have their thoughts on paper to eliminate any requested shots that cannot be missed. Couples normally get this shot list months ahead of time, thus giving them time to think about what they want. This way, it is not only in our minds eye, but communicated clearly on paper, so as to provide the service that they wish.

"As a mom of three daughters and a son all having weddings back to back is hard enough, the last thing you want to worry about is having beautiful pics capturing every detail. With AMK Wedding Photography, you can rest assured that your wedding pictures will be stunning. The only thing I learned with my kids' weddings were to get the best, in a blink of an eye this special occasion will be only a memory so your photographer is a critical part of your memories. I hope this helps you when looking for your next special occasion photographer." – Nancy Karst

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