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CoverImageAt a very young age photography caught my attention… then I dropped my mom's 110mm camera into a creek! My father recognized my enthusiasm and gave me my first film camera. I fell in love!

I am Amanda Baker and I'm a Denver-based professional wedding photographer. I have been capturing couples in their happiest moments for almost a decade throughout Colorado and the United States with some of my favorite people as secondary photographers (I promise you will love them too!). With a journalistic style and my fondness for travel, my work has been described to me as emotional, passionate, and modern.

During the many years of being a wedding photographer, I have also been told I am very easy to work with. I have an easygoing yet energetic personality, and I don't mind getting dirty for a different perspective. I love to take photojournalistic photos with an artistic flare. I love making my couples feel comfortable, stunning, sexy, and happy. I love photos that seize the moment, and I love working with my couples to capture the love they share. I want my photos to embody your story.

While I absolutely adore candid photos, and my goal is to observe your day through my lens, sometimes a moment is almost perfect but it just needs just a little tweak. I will calmly guide you through a few simple techniques to really elevate that photo! I will make you and yours look good! I will never be cold, overly bossy, forceful, or intrusive. Even though I may guide you a bit throughout the day, the real magic is what happens organically between you and your partner.

From our very first meeting to the day of your wedding, I make sure my couples know I am there for them. Be it a vendor recommendation, emotional support, or happy hour and snacks, I value the trust and friendship I share with my clientele. The more I know about you, the more I can showcase your personality in your wedding photos. While you continue your search for the perfect photographer, I strongly advise hiring someone you click with on a personal level. They are with you during some of the most intimate moments. Your photos will speak volumes about the dynamics you share with your photographer. Never mind how at ease you will feel knowing you wholeheartedly trust the person you hired.

I also participate in bi-annual fundraisers, donating my time or proceeds from my work to those less fortunate. I have donated my time to the Denver Road Home's Annual Pajama Day. This event helps generate funding to help senior citizens, families in need of housing, and the homeless.

I make yearly donations to the Physicians for Peace: Seeing Clearly division. This program helps children and adults in impoverished countries obtain proper eye care, and eyewear so that the may lead productive lives, and participate in society. I believe in paying it forward and giving back. I am fortunate to be where I am and I recognize this every day.

FYI: I will travel for good pics. Film taught and iPhone abuser.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Your wedding will be as unique as you and your partner, and so should your photos! There is no cookie-cutter formula to the way I shoot, and I don't think there ever should be! I don't have some painful regiment of wedding day poses. I work with you to achieve the look that suits you, your vision, your details, and YOUR personalities. That's why you are here and not some other run-of-the mill wedding site!

I totally get it! I met my husband at a (pretty awful) local punk show at the Gothic Theater in Denver. So you know where we got married? In a stunning, industrial-esque music venue called The Wasted Space at The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. We hired a photographer that I adore and not only are our photos amazing, but we now have a great friendship with him. I'm even fortunate enough to be his secondary photographer with him in Tahoe from time to time.

My goal is to observe your day through my lens, capture your unique moments, and coach some amazing poses. The real magic is what happens organically between you and your partner.

Love is love! I support marriage equality for all.

"Amanda isn't your cookie cutter wedding photographer. She is flexible and dynamic. She is the best. She brings the highest level of creativity with the highest level of skill. She rocks!" ~Chrissy Coffinger~ More testimonials for Amanda Baker Photography

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