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All Couples’ Nuptials

All Couples’ Nuptials is the wedding officiant for your elopement-style, pop-up wedding, marrying any couple, anytime, anywhere. All Couples' Nuptials is perfect for you if you’re a couple that wants to get married tomorrow, next week or next month. You don't want to spend a lot of time and money planning a wedding. You want to get married soon and you want to do it in a unique location that feels right to you (we can help you with location ideas). You want an amazing pop-up wedding that is unlike any other wedding.

I am a non-denominational Reverend and would be honored to officiate your ceremony in any location you choose (the more unique the better!). If you need help with your vows, I will work with you to create the perfect custom ceremony. If you don’t want to think about the vows, I can provide sample vows and all you have to do is choose. If you’re ready for an amazing, fun, stress-free, pop-up wedding, call or text (949-416-5870) All Couples' Nuptials now for a free consultation. You've got nothing to lose — except the most awesome wedding officiant if you don't contact us!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I cater to offbeat couples by being open to anything and judging nothing. You want a pop-up wedding at a sporting event because that’s where you met? I’m in! You love animals, want a pop-up wedding at an animal shelter and want to exchange stuffed animals instead of rings? I’m in! You want to get married tomorrow night during the concert of your favorite band? I’m in! Whether you want a small, romantic beach wedding on the sand or a wedding at a unique location that has very special meaning to you, I say “Let’s do it!”

Dawne wrote: "Lisa was fantastic!!! Everything we could hope for! She was professional, gracious and lighthearted. She made us feel really comfortable and at ease. She facilitated exactly what we wanted."

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Examples of my work

I work with couples that want small, intimate weddings that take place outside of a church. Only a few close friends and family are invited, stress is never on the guest list! Whether you contact me a few days before your ceremony or vow renewal or a couple of months before your big day, I will take the time to meet and/or speak with you as many times as needed until you feel comfortable with the words I am going to say on your very special day!


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