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Hi! I’m Cindy, and I’m your queer feminist anti-status quo wedding planner! First and foremost, I want it to be crystal clear that I'm here for all kinds of couples — no matter your race, sexual orientation, religion, age, ability, immigration status, etc. and that I'm wholly in favor of giving wedding traditions the finger and doing whatever suits you two best.

My belief is that there are only two rules you need to have a perfect wedding:
1) Pick the right person to marry (this is really important, so don't fuck it up!)
2) Abide by the requirements of any religious institution and/or legal jurisdiction you wish to recognize your marriage.

Everything else is just a party and you can party any way you damn well please.

In 2011, I started Crafty Broads (a former Offbeat Bride vendor) to be a cheerleader for offbeat couples who were planning the weddings that felt right to them, and to fight against the “it's not a real wedding if you don't do X, Y, or Z” bullshit. And it was awesome! But as our business grew and our prices went up, the weddings we booked got more and more traditional – the majority fit perfectly into the industry-standard white, straight, cisgender, wealthy, thin, “pretty”, Pinterest-worthy mold. And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with those sorts of weddings – in fact, what I love most is getting you the wedding you want, no matter where it falls on the traditional-offbeat spectrum – I missed working with the couples that my higher pricing necessarily excluded.

So when my wife and I got divorced last year, I decided to listen the voice that had been nagging me for a while, telling me to get back to the reason I started this in the first place: couples like you, who know that the important thing is the marriage and the rest is details. You are finding creative solutions to make awesome weddings, even when there isn't a ton of money; you are ditching the cookie cutters and doing your own thing; and you could really use an experienced planner who gets you to make it all happen.

And that's how Aisle Less Traveled was born. My mission is to make wedding planning accessible and affordable to virtually everyone planning a wedding, and especially to work with you: the creative, quirky, nerds in love that the wedding industry tends to ignore.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Well… I made this business up just for you! You are my ideal clients, because after 80+ weddings, I've learned that my favorite couples to work with are my fellow LGBTQs and plus-sizers, creative DIYers, freaks and geeks, and anyone who is being true to themselves rather than buying into the status quo.

I'm also a former Offbeat Bride myself! In fact, way before I even got married, when I was in a state of engaged-but-not-able-to-legally-marry in my state, one of the first wedding things I did was pick up the OBB book and read it cover to cover. Then I planned a $5k, queer as fuck, DIY-heavy (as in, I made my own dress, our website, invitations, and a 3-tier/3-flavor cake), community-centered wedding and I loved doing it.

Enthusiastic doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about you. When your inquiries land in my inbox with the Offbeat Bride box checked, I squee and do a little happy dance. I want to hang out with you all the time, because you are the coolest, and also I would really dig helping you plan your wedding in any way I can!

It's crazy important to me that everyone who wants some wedding planning help can afford to get it, so I designed a self-guided, online wedding planning course to make all the important junk inside my wedding planner brain accessible and affordable to you. Or you can pick from my wide range of a la carte and packaged planning services – we'll find the right level of guidance for your wedding, within your budget, if you two want to work with me!

We'll plan together via phone, text, and the magical internets, so we can all show up to meetings in our stretchy pants, and we can do this thing no matter where you live. I will travel to wherever your wedding is happening when the day comes, and I'll even wear my nice clothes. So what are you waiting for? I'm refreshing my inbox right now, hoping you are in it!

"Seriously, seriously, there is nothing else that could have been more worth our money. Cindy knows everything, and she also knows what's important – we had some vendors who seemed uncomfortable with the choices we made, but at the end of the day, the goal is to get married. If we were omitting something that might be important she would let us know, but we never felt like she was judging us or the choices we were making, and that's really awesome, and not super common in the wedding industrial complex. Everything went perfectly, and it is for sure because of her." – Amanda & Nick, Chicago

Mention Offbeat Bride for 5% off of any of my planning packages. or use coupon code OFFBEAT for a 10% discount on enrollment in Choose Your Own Wedding, my online wedding planning course.

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