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Oaks Jewelry Boutique

My father started our family business over 30 years ago. We have grown out of that original space, but still operate as a walk-in store. Many of our clients have been with us for those entire 30 years. Growing up, I would frequently come to the store with my father. After going to college and working outside the area, I felt a pull back to the customer service my family has always prided themselves in.

Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth introduces a collection of ethically sourced jewelry, founded on the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility. Each Brilliant Earth ring is made with a dedication to artistry and craftsmanship using recycled precious metals and ethical origin gemstones. We believe that luxury goods need not come at great human or environmental cost.

Tungsten World

We work with only the highest quality wedding bands and have a vast selection of tungsten carbide, cobalt chrome, titanium and black zirconium rings and wedding bands. It is our commitment to provide our brides and grooms with alternative options to the traditional gold wedding band by retailing the best in modern metal technology and working closely with a US-based manufacturer for all your custom wedding band needs.


Zoria’s takes amazingly beautiful natural gemstones and turns them into elegant pieces of jewelry unlike anything you’ll find in a normal jewelry shop. There is an unlimited range of colors and designs deep within the earth that normal jewelers ignore and I make the most of those beautiful colors and choices for our customers.


Searching for a truly unique wedding band? Tired of finding the same plain bands or designs that just come from a catalogue? This is just what you were looking for. It is many things: unique, sentimental, custom, heirloom quality crafted, and you are completely involved in the making process.

Someday Soon Jewelry

I made my first pair of upcycled vintage plugs before attending a friend's fancy wedding a few years back. I love the look of retro earrings but hated the awkwardness of a clip hanging limply off of my ear. (That's also super embarrassing and not cute in photos, fyi. Why didn't anyone tell me?) After receiving compliments on my ever growing collection of custom made plugs I decided to help other ladies look and feel fabulous, too!

Titanium Jewelry

Titanium Jewelry is an online jeweler specializing in modern men's wedding bands and contemporary jewelry. Established in 2002 by J.R. Yates, also owner of Yates & Co Jewelers in Modesto, CA, to meet the growing demand for designer quality titanium wedding bands.

Anastaci Fine Jewelry

I found brides & grooms wanting a non-diamond engagement ring were stuck choosing between poor-quality gemstones set in over-priced, mass-produced settings and huge cocktail rings unfit for everyday wear. I knew there had to be a way to offer gemstone engagement options with the highest quality gemstones set in hand-crafted ring settings in classic styles that could be worn around the clock and cherished for years to come. Anastaci Fine Jewelry was born!


Metalicious is a beloved concoction of high-quality, customized, unique jewelry designs catering to the non-conformist. Each jewel is handmade using metalsmithing, wax carving and CAD techniques by Stephanie Maslow-Blackman and her team in her NYC studio. We work only with recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones. Stephanie has almost 20 years of experience as a metalsmith and jeweler and loves working one-on-one with her clients to create heirloom quality work. She has built her company to focus on both social and environmental sustainability, to preserve the environment as much as possible for future generations.

Carolyn Nicole Designs

Led by Bespoke Jewelry Artist Carolyn Nicole, Carolyn Nicole Designs creates custom offbeat jewelry to fit every personality. Utilizing a wide range of techniques, ranging from traditional metalsmithing to the use of the latest technology, we are sure to be able to bring your idea to life. We strive to deliver excellence in each piece we create at an affordable price. All jewelry available on our website can be made in the precious metal or gemstone of your choice. In addition to creating custom pieces, we also rent jewelry for special occasions. While our studio spaces located in Chicago, Il and Las Vegas, NV are not open to the public, we do ship worldwide.


Ritani is a jewelry designer, manufacturer, and retailer that is modernizing the way people buy fine jewelry. We are a full-service, international online retailer and we sell our designs in local jewelry stores across the United States and Canada. Some of our popular products include engagement rings of all shapes and sizes, wedding bands, cocktail rings, diamond earrings, and gemstone pendants.

Wexford Jewelers

Wexford Jewelers is a team of three sisters, trained by our dad in a hands-on apprenticeship. We've now taken on the business with our husbands. We design, create, reuse, and innovate together, and the end product is a line of jewelry that is unique in many ways. The gemstones come from the entire world, literally. Our metals are mostly reclaimed- however rather than simply casting with old metal, we refine, assay and re-alloy the metal for durability.

IMPRESSED by nature

IMPRESSED by nature specializes in handmade pressed flower and leaf jewelry for brides, bridesmaids, mothers, grandmothers, and anyone else! I create necklaces and earrings using real, locally-harvested flower petals and leaves.
In addition to floral wedding day accessories, IMPRESSED by nature offers an option to preserve wedding memories by creating jewelry using the flowers from your wedding day.

House On Hudson Jewellery

My name is Miranda Scott, I'm an emerging jewellery designer from Canada. My business, House on Hudson, is just me! My jewellery is organic and very textural in design, and I take pride in providing a quality product and a casual, friendly customer service experience to my clients. Many of my engagement and wedding rings are made to order, but I'm happy to create custom designs too – geeky rings are a specialty!

I Break Plates

The Broken Plate Pendant Co. is where boxed up, unloved, dishes from Grandma come alive and are given a renewed purpose. I break each and every plate with love… and force… crafting them into a collection of inspired and versatile pieces. Did you break your Great Aunt Myrtle’s favorite serving plate? No bother! Send the shards my way and I can craft a bevy of wearable delights with which to adorn yourself and ol’ grumpy Myrtle.


Looking for wedding jewelry that tells your story? Trade the stuffy stores and suited salesmen for a cup of chai and some comfy loungewear. At, creating luxurious, customized jewelry to perfectly suit your style and budget is a breeze.

Love and Pride

Love and Pride is the first of its kind — a premium designer online lifestyle destination for people who believe in equality, diversity and tolerance. Our jewelry collections include engagement, commitment, wedding and anniversary rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, watches and other accessories for women and men. Sometimes romantic, sometimes serious, sometimes whimsical…our products are always captivating.

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