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I'm drawn to and encourage the authentic and the different. I firmly believe that you should never follow through with an industry "tradition" if it means nothing to you personally. I'm open-minded, get excited about the things you're excited about, and love & honor all types of unions! I want to capture all of who you are as authentically as possible.

Amp'd Entertainment

We are NOT your typical “wedding DJs”! We are Creative DJs and it just so happens that a wedding is a great place to be creative! When you have a diverse crowd with diverse tastes, you need entertainment that is flexible, dynamic and creative. We take everything that is boring and predictable about traditional events and reinvent it with live mashups and remixes. Our team of highly skilled and creative DJs is guaranteed to WOW your crowd and keep everyone talking for a long time to come.

Hannah Woodard Photography

I'm Hannah Woodard, wedding photographer. I'm inspired by love in all its forms. There is a pretty good chance I'll cry while shooting your wedding. Without missing a single shot, because I'm just good like that. I have two main goals as a wedding photographer. My number one goal is to create beautiful pictures. I shoot images that are cinematic, documentary, honest, and romantic. My second goal as your wedding photographer is to make sure I interfere with your day as little as possible .

Matthew Druin & Co. Photography

We like to say that we specialize in awesome people everywhere, so what better place to find new awesome friends than Offbeat Bride! We love unique, offbeat weddings and couples who are just as different. The world seems so filled with fake people and I love how Offbeat readers just want to be real and showcase who they truly are.

The Lost and Found ATL

The Lost and Found ATL can help you bring your dream wedding to life with less stress. We have a large inventory of vintage china, colored goblets, distinctive flatware, unique candlesticks, and so much more! Whether it’s a top to bottom distinctive design plan or just a few items to make your own arrangement picture perfect, we’ve got the vintage flair for your affair!

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