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Melissa Mullins Portraits

I'm a boudoir photographer in Denver capturing the spirits of gentle rebels. I believe 3 minute dance parties everyday are essential to not taking life too seriously. You might catch me busting a move behind the scenes at a photoshoot. I always encourage everyone to join in with me. My smile is the most beautiful thing I put on in the morning. Makeup is there if I want it.

Carrie Swails Photography

Here's the lowdown. I am located here in Denver at a mile high above sea level. 5,280 feet! Although I don't ski (I know it's a shame), living here and being oxygen deprived does have its perks. It makes it extra difficult to boil water or bake. Don't get me started on gluten free baking! I always appreciate any chance I can get to travel somewhere that I can properly boil water. Feel free to book me for your sea level weddings anywhere or here locally in Colorado too!

Pop Fizz Weddings

Pop Fizz Weddings are all-inclusive, practically priced celebrations designed for a maximum of 30 guests. Each Pop Fizz Wedding costs just $4895 and includes three hours of event time; personalized ceremony with ordained officiant; catered cocktail and hor d'oeuvre reception; hosted bar with beer, wine and cocktails; flowers; professional photography from Our Two Hearts celebratory send off and more!

The Handsome Little Devils

If you’ve ever dreamed of having a chainsaw juggler at your wedding, you’ve come to the right place. We are a live entertainment company ready to dial up the production value for your special event! We’re here to help you with all your wedding entertainment needs, from the ceremony to the reception, or even the bachelorette/bachelor party!

This Modern Life Photographers

a href="" rel="nofollow">This Modern Life is led by Kevin Bergthold. I’m a light seeking opportunist, lover of color, serendipity and juxtaposition. My experience has come from a lifetime in photography, hundreds of weddings and a degree from Brooks Institute of Photography.


Wedding films are definitely not like they were twenty years ago. The times and the technology have changed. My name is Mike Bradley and I’m the owner and operator of Visualanties. I take my years of experience in art, theater, and photography to compose timeless and meaningful images.

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