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LA Exposures

Here at LA Exposures we customize our wedding photography coverages to fit the needs and tastes' of each couple. Every wedding is different, and we treat it as such. We work hand in hand with each couple to ensure their wedding photos and big day come out exactly as they've always dreamed!

Serene Image Photography

Exceptional photographer seeking exceptional couple planning an exceptional wedding. Easy going, yet professional, I have an extensive background in photography (starting with film) and can quickly adapt to any and all situations. With twelve years of experience, the technical details are second nature to me, leaving me free to focus on the artistic side of things.

Mike L. Photography

Photography for cool kids. It is as simple as that. Greetings! We're Mike n' Courtney and we take pictures. Not just any type of pictures though…totally awesome pictures. Why do we say that? Because we work with the coolest couples around. We LOVE different, alternative, offbeat or anything that is considered out of the box on a wedding day. We are also obsessed with photo drama. Dramatic lighting, bold colors and emotionally charged couples drive our business.


Foria is a sexual health and wellness company focusing on sensual pleasure and pain relief through the use of plant medicine. We make products to enhance sexual experience and satisfy the need for healing, which we believe are key ingredients for a successful marriage and relationship.

Laura Ford Photos

Hello there! I'm Laura, owner and operator of Laura Ford Photos! 🙂 I started my business over 5 years ago when I was living in the state of Michigan. As a budding photographer, I began exploring different careers behind the camera and discovered wedding photography. It struck me as a unique opportunity to combine my natural talents with my interests, and be a part of something meaningful.

Rebel Belle Weddings

Rebel Belle Weddings is a singularly unique event planning, coordination and design business born out of a belief that "rules" are meant to be bent, broken or thrown out completely. We specialize in creating and executing innovative celebrations that are more fun, less stress, and completely authentic to you.

Hello Super 8

Hello Super 8 caters to fun, stylish couples who are looking for a tasteful alternative to the typical wedding video. Because super 8 film is nostalgic, aesthetically beautiful and archival, our modern wedding films are instantly classic. We shoot in New York and France.

Raina: Hair & Makeup

Relax on your wedding day and know that you are in good hands! Raina is a licensed hairstylist and professional makeup artist with more than 15 years of experience working on set for photo shoots, fashion shows, red-carpet events, and weddings.

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