I could say that the first time I held a camera at age two, everything clicked—pun intended — but that wouldn't be true. My interest in photography began at sixteen when I started shooting South Florida bands at local shows. And since moving to Boston five years ago, wedding and portrait photography have become my true passion, and there is nothing else I could imagine doing with my life.

My goal as a photographer now is to create long-lasting memories by capturing genuine moments. I'm able to do this by focusing on building relationships with my clients that extend beyond their signature on a contract. I spend time getting to know my clients, their personalities, what they're envisioning for their wedding day. This is also why each one of my wedding packages includes an engagement session.

Now, I'm a bit of cheesy guy. I'll probably throw in some goofy puns or pop-culture references to break the ice. That's who I am. I want my clients to feel comfortable with me so I can help make their sessions less about poses and static shots, and more about their experience. Having a rapport with my clients allows me to take photographs that let their personalities shine through.

My photographs have been described as relaxed, airy, and filled with color. And although I am based in Boston, you will frequently find me all over New England, New York, and even Florida. I am also available for travel nation and worldwide. Yes I did get to shoot a wedding in Tokyo in 2012!

How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I know by now you've looked through plenty of vendors but I feel I provide a special ability to cater to Offbeat Couples because I myself am an offbeat kinda guy. I grew up going to shows in the punk scene of South Florida and thats where my photo roots come from. Many of my favorite things tend to be a bit strayed from the norm, so when you tell me about your favorite TV show that no one has ever heard of, there is a good chance I have watched all 3 seasons of it in a week. I do a fair amount of traditional weddings, but even at those I am able to bring in a unique and creative eye to such an event. I not only will accommodate your offbeat requests, but I will encourage them. I want to be there to celebrate your love and it's uniqueness.

"Professional from the start Zac and his team inspired confidence, were great fun to work with and produced a series of stunning images in a timeless but unique style! Highly recommended!" -Heather & Philip
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