Wyrding Studios

At Wyrding Studios, artist Kythryne Aisling transforms wire into intricate wearable sculptures, using everything from gemstones and pearls to torn love letters and found objects. I've made more than 10,000 unique pieces of jewelry over the past decade, with customers on almost every continent, and I'd love to help tell your story in a custom bridal necklace or capture memories in pendants and earrings for your bridal party.

I love commissions, and delight in incorporating family heirlooms or items of personal significance into jewelry! If I can get wire around it, I can turn it into jewelry. Take a look at some of the unusual things I've incorporated into custom work over the years.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I believe in creating jewelry that is as unique as the people who will wear it. I’ve made a bridal necklace for a heart surgeon using an arterial guide wire, I’ve used stones and beachglass from all over the world, and I’ve made sets of symbolic jewelry for blended families and polyamorous commitment celebrations.

I’ve made necklaces and pendants for use in rituals from many faiths, and I’ve made pieces honoring transitions and lifecycle events of everything from births to deaths. As an observant liberal Jew, I also create kippot and mezuzah cases.

I believe in respecting everyone's individuality and creating jewelry that honors their unique experiences. I’ve yet to come across an idea that was too far-fetched or unusual for me to take on – and I love a challenge!

"I have worked with Kythryne for a number of years – she has made jewelry for me for special occasions ranging from my citizenship ceremony, to our vow renewal and most recently for my 40th birthday. It has always been a joy. I have always ended up with wonderful pieces of jewelry that are truly unique and have a special meaning." – Corinna

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Examples of my work

The best way to get a sense of the scope of my work is to browse through the ready-to-ship section and sold items on my website. You can also see thousands of older photos on Flickr.


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