White Purls – Fine Millinery

White Purls - Fine Millinery

– Vintage Style for the Modern Bride –

Are you looking to stand out and be truly unique? White Purls Bridal Millinery uses luxurious materials not found anywhere else and techniques only available in our couture headpiece designs.

White Purls will create for you the perfect hair accessory that reflects your personal style. Our collection of millinery is the finishing touch to any look. These headpieces accentuate your beauty and will give you the confidence you desire.

All designs are made-to-order in our studio in California.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

White Purls unparalleled approach to bridal headwear gives the Offbeat Bride an exceptional look that dazzles. Each piece is made-to-order which opens the door for one-of-a-kind details and customization.

"Myriam uses only the finest silk, wool, and yarn while each piece arrives in her own adorable hat box.

I can't wait to try out different vintage variations with my versatile White Purls masterpiece…" – Rachel Jensen

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Examples of my work


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