Wanderlust Honeymoons

The Wanderlust Honeymoons team are passionate tried and true offbeat adventurers. Using our Wanderlust Honeymoon website tools ensures you will have an EPIC adventure honeymoon AND always be forever newlyweds!

Wanderlust Honeymoons is a fabulous 3-part unique wedding website:

Part 1- Wanderlust Honeymoons: Planning Custom Adventurous Honeymoons in offbeat areas of the world.

Part 2- Wanderlust Honeymoons Wedding Registry: Allow your guests to gift you EXPERIENCES to have during your honeymoon adventure!

Part 3- Not-So-Newlywed Registry: Your family and friends will gift you "experiences" that will keep you dating for the rest of your lives so you stay forever newlyweds!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

We are offbeat adventurers. Hiring us ensures you will have an EPIC adventure honeymoon in locations and areas you didn’t even realize existed!

And also since… Newly wedded bliss can sadly begin to wear off after the first year and let’s be honest then real-life sets in. We get bogged down with mounting responsibilities, work, outside pressures, have good intentions but run out of time, and forget to keep their “date nights.” When we stop communicating and dating, it adds a vulnerable stress to the relationship instead of bringing you closer together, it tears you apart. At any moment, you can change it… Thus Wanderlust Honeymoons’s and Not-So-Newlywed Registry was born!

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