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The sand ceremony alternative.

With your custom made Unity in Glass sculpture, vase, or bowl, you are taking the Unity Ceremony to the next level of personalization and artistic expression. Instead of sand, you'll be mixing our colored crushed glass crystals. After the wedding, we'll use this color mixture to make the keepsake of a lifetime. As a lasting alternative to a unity candle or a sand ceremony, you are creating a symbolic, highly personal, one-of-a-kind art piece for your home. The process is collaborative and captures your spirit. You're working together with a highly skilled glass artist to create a work of art that will last a lifetime. You will share the story of your special day for years to come.

This is a unique and personal concept developed by our lead artist, Lee Ware, with the help of an extremely creative bride. Lee and his team are focused on the highest level of customer service and attention to details. It's an important day and we are here to help create memories for a lifetime.


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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

When we found out about Offbeat Bride, we just knew we had to be part of the concept. We are indeed offbeat — exquisitely so when it comes to the usual old unity ceremony. We feel that the extra creative bride that wants something different, something special, and something beautiful, will be right at home with us.

You’re a part of the creative process and we can’t wait to work with you. Let us know you found us on Offbeat Bride, and we’ll go the extra mile if you need any assistance with color selection.

“The end product was lovely. It was a refreshing change to the usual sand/candle ceremony and we are left with a beautiful keep sake.” -Caitlin H.

“I cannot recommend Unity in Glass high enough! It was exactly what we were looking for — something unique to display in our home to remind us of our wedding. They are extremely personable, prompt, and professional!” -Ashley W.

“My husband and I desired to break free of the traditional unity ceremonies. We searched online and came across Unity In Glass. It was not only unique but blended well with our tropical themed wedding. The glass pieces were shipped and received very quickly.” -Amber R.

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Add the phrase “offbeat2020 pendant” to the text box during checkout, titled “details or comments about color” and we’ll create a special glass pendant gift for you made from your crystals. It’s our small way of saying a big thank you!

Examples of my work

We often talk with our clients on the phone about color. We are happy to provide that personal touch, if wanted. About 80% of our couples use their wedding colors, and the remainder really work to find colors that are even more important that they want to have in their home, and SEE, every day. Some couples pick birthstone colors, home decor (this will change over time — keep that in mind. Your glass artwork will last forever), and even one couple wanted to match their eyes — blues, greens, and grays. The sculpture was phenomenal!

Personally, as the artist creating many of the pieces, I do like at least three colors. Perhaps two main colors, and a third highlight color in a small amount. You can relay details to use like this on the order form "notes and details about color."

If blending a family, I especially like if the couple selects "main" colors, and allows the children to select "highlight" colors. With this scenario, we'll send more crystals in the main colors, and small amounts for the highlights. It's a gorgeous effect and highly symbolic. Kids are indeed the highlight of life.

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