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TLC_OBBvendor_9Turtle Love Co. is a comfortably offbeat jeweler with engagement rings and wedding bands that will reflect the uniqueness of your relationship. Our jewelry is designed by independent artisans, and we build our collection with a keen eye on the use of responsibly-sourced or recycled materials and eco-friendly production practices.

TLC's artistic and funky necklaces and earrings are great for your wedding day, for your wedding party friends, or for any day.

We strive to create an awesome customer experience, and our customers tell us that we're succeeding!

"Thank you so much for these beautiful rings! They are wonderful and even better than the pictures! The packaging was so lovely and pretty. It was so exciting to open it!"

How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Turtle Love Co. is really committed to the notion that people should focus on the intensity of making a lifetime commitment, not the stuff that we buy around the same time. Turtle Love Co.'s engagement rings and wedding bands honor the traditions behind these jewelry gifts, but they're unique enough to match your style and feel like they really belong with you and accurately represent your relationship.

Examples of my work

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You can find our complete collection online at Turtle Love Co. and also read about our designers and our commitment to the environment. Always feel free to Email us! with any questions or suggestions!

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