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I am a lover of stories. The quirky meetings, the sideways glances, sweet nothings whispered in passing, getting embarrassed by the parents, falling in love. Your wedding day is more than just the one day and your wedding day coverage starts way before your I Do’s.

I am there to capture your memories as they happen, to catch those special moments, to bring out your personality to its fullest. To do this, I provide a very hands on approach to wedding photography.

We start with either an in-person, or video, consultation. We talk about your dreams for the wedding, how you two first met, how you guys proposed, funny stories and quirks, before we even go into what You want out of your Wedding Photographer.

An engagement session is always included in my Wedding Collections over six hours and you can either choose from our pre-made Collections, or Create Your Own, so that you can have a totally unique experience. Having an engagement session included is very important to me, because it is the perfect opportunity for us to get to know one another, get a feel for each others personalities, and that way you can see how I work and what you can expect, quality-wise.

When I’m not shooting weddings, I actually specialize in Boudoir Photography and offer that as an addition to my Wedding Collections. Because of that specialization, I have the experience of knowing how best to light, pose, and get real reactions out of my clients, so that I can capture the true essence and emotions of your big day.

I like to think of my style as being dramatic, whimsical, and magical. I fell in love with photography while I was working for Disney in their Fine Art Photography Department. What better place to capture the most important day of your life then where dreams come true? I loved working there, but I had been spoiled by the beautiful scenery and amazing people of the Appalachians. So, I ultimately decided to take all that I had learned: that creativity, the techniques, and most importantly (in my opinion) their stellar work ethic; and put it to good use in my hometown of Chattanooga, TN…Though I do travel all over the world and if you aren't in my primary location, definitely ask me about my Bucket List Promotion!

All in all, I'm a very down to earth, creatively thinking, madwoman with an itty bitty magical box, that will capture and create memories for your children's children to look through for years to come!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I cater to offbeat couples by listening to them. If they want to skydive during their vows, I’ll get some more insurance. If they want to slide down a big bouncy slide at their reception (don’t laugh, it’s happened), I’ll be standing at the ready. Any cute little quirky details, I make sure to know about before hand. I do my darnedest to capture every heartfelt moment, hysterical cry/laugh, and shared moment between you and your loved ones.

Plus I know how important details are when you have a ring bearer with a sonic screwdriver, or if your rings are engraved with elvish.

A geek to the very core. 😉

"I was so pleased with the session and photo selection process. Tasha made me feel so comfortable. We laughed like old friends the whole time. It was so much fun and so very empowering. Very excited to receive my album!! I highly recommend her to any and everyone out there!" – Jenny Yates

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