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Real talk: you want a photographer who's going to get you. Someone who won't judge you if you decide to wear a pink wedding dress or walk down the aisle to the Imperial March. In my opinion, on your wedding day, you should let your freak flag fly. If you do it on every other day that ends with "y" then how should your wedding be any different?

I'm dedicated to my clients, to a fault. I've helped put on dresses, tease hair, literally picked the colors of the ties to be worn. I go 6,000 miles above and beyond for my clients, because I give a flying flap-jack about my clients. And after I show you how to cut the cake, I'll take some phenomenal photos of you doing it, because that's how I roll.

…and since it's impossible to get to know me via a couple small paragraphs, hop on over to my website. I've been told I'm an open book and I'd like to think that's true!

How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I cater to everyone equally, but with Offbeat Couples, we'll just jive that much better. I like a good drink, I can out-swear a sailor (I genuinely have on occasion), I love tattoos, I love traveling and I have a small obsession with Star Wars. I think that I help cater specifically to Offbeat Couples because I don't judge, on anything. You can be yourself around me and I think that's vital on your wedding day. A wedding is an intimate affair, with your friends and family…why invite some stranger who doesn't even know your name to capture your memories?

A $300 credit towards our full day wedding collection!

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