Sayuri Designs

Sayuri Designs is an ever evolving line of handmade jewelry and accessories designed and created by Tiana Sayuri Saul. Inspired by eras gone by, Sayuri Designs evokes an aesthetic of classic glamour with a modern twist. Utilizing vintage and reclaimed materials as much as possible, each piece is hand made and one of a kind.

From elegant fascinators and birdcage veils to intricately draped jewelry shrugs, or from hand wrapped muskrat skull boutonnieres to custom poured resin cufflinks, Sayuri Designs strives to celebrate and enhance your individuality.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Through working with antique and vintage materials, I have come to believe that every piece tells a story; the tarnished metal, a missing rhinestone, or a corner chip are all a part of it's unique history. No two pieces are the same and neither are we. I hope to work with Offbeat clients to create the perfect accessories for their unique wedding vision.

"I went to Sayuri Designs recently to remake an old necklace that had belonged to my grandmother into something uniquely mine. I could not be happier with the quality of her work! Tiana has an eye for making beautiful custom work; she took an old piece of jewelry and made it into something new and fresh, while maintaining the look and feel of an antique." – Amy

Examples of my work

I have had the pleasure of working with an array of offbeat clients, from alternative wedding parties to masqueraders, burlesque and belly dance performers to fetishists. I am always excited about new ideas and personal visions. All ideas are welcomed and all challenges accepted.

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