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Rev. Corinne Mary

I moonlight as the Reverend Corinne Mary, a non-denominationally ordained minister and New York State registered wedding officiant. As a comic book geek, sci-fi nerd, and general rock and roller, I tend to be the best match for an off-beat bride and her, his, or hir wedding party.
As a minister and a human, I am a bit witchy and spiritual, but not particularly religious. I was raised Roman Catholic with hints of Judaism. I have no real organizational affiliations aside from working at an esoteric occult shop in the East Village for a few years in my 20s and signing up for nearly every online ordination that would have me. Currently I'm most proud of my recent ordination with The Church of the Latter Day Dude but I started out as a legacy member in the Universal Life Church, an organization my father registered with in the 70s by mailing in a postcard found in the back pages of Rolling Stone magazine. Like most with my title I am a confident public speaker and became a legitimate New York State wedding officiant so I could legally perform weddings for friends. After the first few weddings, I was a smitten kitten and decided to to go semi-pro…this is actually a pretty amazing way to spend your time. 
Being part of a couples marriage process is sacred to me. Working with couples to create a perfect ceremony creates an intimate dynamic; this involvement at such a precious stage of a relationship is a privilege I deeply respect. I am a huge fan of elopement (no really, let's talk about it) but also love writing customized sermons and working closely with the couples while crafting them. I dig a lot of hocus-pocus and integrating sentimental and unique ritual inspirations. While being a card carrying “Reverend” started out as an irreverent accessory for my wallet, being a wedding officiant has become a serious pleasure.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I'm a geek, a weirdo, a rock 'n' roller, and was once an offbeat bride myself!

"Corinne genuinely wanted to understand why we wanted to marry each other and wanted us to understand why too, which was not only a beautiful way to work up to the wedding, but helped us shape the the ceremony itself… We couldn’t imagine having had such meaningful wedding without her!" – Ann Courtney

"Corinne was so helpful when planning what and how our wedding ceremony can be. We already presented her with the challenge of having to maintain her balance on a yacht that was rocking during the ceremony, and to wait for her words to be translated into Russian as she went. She handled it all with style. Her positive energy throughout the wedding and reception was infectious and appreciated by all of our guests! Rock on Rev C! -" John & Sabina

"Rev. Corinne Mary was extremely professional and personable. She took the time to learn our story, from how we met to the wedding traditions of our culture and personalized every detail of our ceremony. We could not have asked for a more qualified officiant for our special day." Evelyn & Enida

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I'm wicked easy and surprisingly cheap, however, please let me know you are from Offbeat Bride and a custom carved wedding candle is on the house. Perfect for ceremony rituals and anniversaries.

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