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Remembrance Photography

I have been a photographer/artist/beatnik/mod/post-punk bohemian most of my life, and telling stories with pictures is my thing. I and my team are all a bit quirky and unique, artistic and a little nerdy, and we love seeing things at weddings that we have never seen before… so surprise us! We believe each wedding should be an expression of each couple’s unique personalities, so that whole day becomes a snapshot of your lives together. I think of our style of photography as 75% documentary, 25% fun creative portraits. Each wedding is a series of fleeting perfect moments that happen for a split second and then evaporate. The essence of the photojournalistic approach is to anticipate those moments before they happen, and be in the right place at the right time to catch them in the camera. But we also get excited by playing with composition and style, in fun and unique portraits of you and your family and friends. On top of all that great stuff, we also offer the option for 3-D “viewmaster” photography, and Photobooths!

In addition to 20 years of experience photographing weddings, we are just simply nice folks, friendly and easy to work with. We have a sense of humor, and get a kick out of weddings that make us, and your guests laugh. Our couples frequently tell us how we blend into their wedding seamlessly, so that they don’t even notice we’re there, and make the day relaxed and stress free. We're excited to meet so many great people, and sharing and capturing your unique vision of your day… and your lives.

Visit our website to see more of our work, or give us a ring to come by our office in SE Portland (close to downtown) to chat about your wedding!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

We’re more than a little “offbeat” ourselves, and we understand creative people who think outside the box. We want to hear about your vision for your wedding day, and love figuring out how to capture the flavor of your day and personalities in images.

It’s important to us to produce the best possible images for you, and also to give you the most bang for your buck… we believe in giving you as many great shots as we can, leaving nothing undocumented, and typically give our clients 600-800 edited images on disc and website. We know that weddings can get expensive quickly, and we offer a variety of packages to fit most budgets.

If you don’t see exactly the package that fits your needs/budget, we can customize one to fit your needs. We also offer "off-season" discounts for Winter and Spring, and Mon-Thur weddings. We travel all over the Pacific Northwest… or anywhere in the world!

"You truly exceeded my wildest expectations. You were able to completely capture the essence of one of the most beautiful days of our life together! As I look through the photos I am struck wondering how you were able to capture the shots because I hardly noticed your presence—you seemed to melt into part of our day. Working with you was a wonderful experience—I really felt you cared and listened to what I visualized happening." – Liv & Abiola Cruse

Read more of what our clients say about us HERE.

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