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Rebel Belle Logo for OBBRebel Belle Weddings is a singularly unique event planning, coordination and design business born out of a belief that "rules" are meant to be bent, broken or thrown out completely. We specialize in creating and executing innovative celebrations that are more fun, less stress, and completely authentic to you.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

My name is Laura and I am the Owner, Operator and Geek Behind the Curtain. I’m a former Offbeat Bride and I created Rebel Belle to support and inspire couples who might otherwise feel the wedding industry just doesn’t get it. There is no thought to crazy. Nothing too wild. Nor is there anything too “normal.” At Rebel Belle, we simply don’t judge. Ever. We are all about your vision for your day and how we can help personalize your wedding and bring your party to life with a minimum of stress and a maximum of fun!

“Planning our wedding with Rebel Belle was seriously the most fun we’ve had since our party days in college!” – Athena & Daniel

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Examples of my work

Rebel Belle Weddings is proud to have been featured on Offbeat Bride several times, including:

Additionally, we are honored to have contributed the following Offbeat Bride guest posts:

For more examples of our work, be sure to check out the dual galleries on our website: The Rebel Gallery features our most nerdalicious weddings, and the The Belle Gallery showcases some of our super-stylish, artistic events.

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