Do you want a DJ who takes the time to "get" you? Who will help you craft a wedding day that reflects your unique personality and style? Who will support any of your out-on-a-limb ideas?

Great! You've found him. I'm Alan Chitlik and the only place I want to see a boring old cookie cutter is a kitchen. Certainly not at your wedding!"

How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Everything I do as a DJ starts with one core belief: Your wedding day is about you, not me. You’ll never see me shouting to your guests over the mic because I need them to know that I'm this awesome DJ who just made the bold decision to play The Black Eyed Peas.

My philosophy is that every wedding starts with two people in love and a blank slate. I ask questions, listen, get to know you and throw out a lot of ideas. Over time, that blank slate fills with all sorts of ideas on how to make your day fun, personal and absolutely unique.

You’ve probably heard friends describe how much they loved aspects of their wedding day, but they didn’t like their DJ because he didn’t listen to their input. He just played what he wanted. Those stories just break my heart.

I say, pick as much of the music as you want. Ban as much as you want. Give your guests the chance to make requests if you want.

The music you love reflects your personality. I’ll show you ways to creatively integrate it throughout your day. Imagine your wedding day as the chance to live through your own movie. And you get your own hand-picked soundtrack.

"I love a person with spunk that likes to have as much fun as me. Alan delivered above and beyond my expectations. He was 100% committed. We are very unique couple with a lot of quirkiness and he took our thoughts and ran. He was fun and played into our requests, no matter how odd they may have been.” -Erin
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Examples of my work

  • Erin and Bryan: In addition to being a rocker and an awesome bride, Erin is a bit dark. Her colors were dark purple and black. In her vows, she and Bryan pledged to stay together throughout everything, including a zombie apocalypse. To customize her night, we played Tim Burton soundtrack instrumentals when her guests were seated and dark classical music for the processional. Late in the reception, many of her friends turned themselves into zombies. To embrace the moment, I donned a cape, applied some fake blood and turned into a vampire.
  • Cynthia and Jason: They wanted a memorable first dance. So I edited together highlights from five songs ("You've Got a Friend in Me," "The Way You Make Me Feel," "Men in Black," "You're The One That I Want" and "Jump On It.") They did a wonderfully choreographed different dance to each portion and it was quite captivating to all who were there.
  • Summer and Jeff: With a Broadway-themed wedding, this showbiz couple opted to bypass a traditional first dance. Instead, I helped them start their party off with a Karaoke duet of an Elvis Presley/Ann-Margret song called “You’re the Boss.” Their guests loved it. Months later, when I was invited back to DJ Jeff's "Clambake" birthday party, I got into the spirit by donning an Elvis outfit.
  • Lynne and Alex: Among the most memorable of the flash-mobs I’ve coordinated were Lynne and Alex, who cut short "At Last" during their first dance song and broke into "The Chicken Dance."

I am game for ANY plan for a couple trying to personalize their day and make it memorable. Costumes, stunts, flash mobs, themes, pranks on the bridal party – you name it. Whatever you are thinking of, I'll be there to help make it happen.

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