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Post & Beam Studios

California based indie creatives. Addicted to travel. Together, partners in crime (and love) Coday + Laura Marie Anthony are Post & Beam Studios. It doesn't matter if you're planning a perfectly classic day, an all-out rock & roll affair, or a tiny courtroom elopement… they pour their whole hearts into capturing authentic moments, while never forgetting the true importance of storytelling, creative framing, and light.

More about Laura + Coday:
There are no limits as to what might interest Laura, the lead photographer at Post & Beam Studios. Whether it's creative portraiture or wedding documentary, she is most easily recognized for an emotive and whimsical style. Dancing somewhere between affinity for editorial portraiture and voyeuristic documentary, the aim is to immortalize unique qualities that make Post & Beam's clients so amazing. Coday, her business partner and husband, serves many times at weddings as a second photographer, and excels at a photojournalistic style. When he's not helping assist in the photography department, he is either teaching music in public schools, or developing Post & Beam's record label.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

We care deeply about your photography priorities! We hope if you choose us, it's because you like our artistic style, but we know this day is an extremely important one. Tell us your ultimate vision, and let's get excited together about all the details that will make your wedding day uniquely yours!

"I can't recommend Post & Beam Studios enough! Laura made it her goal from the very beginning to understand the vision we had for our Halloween wedding, while offering her own fun suggestions. For instance, I requested that she focus on capturing more candid moments of us and our guests instead of posed shots – and they was able to do that… beautifully! As a result, they captured photos that showed our personalities. They certainly didn't disregard the tiniest, creepy details of our wedding that we put so much effort into preparing. The entire time Laura was determined to get ALL of the great shots, even if that means laying in a rain puddle to capture the perfect angle (it was so worth it)! 😀

Post & Beam Studios also took the effort to visit the location before the wedding to test lighting and view potential photo locations. Which was soooo awesome because it made the entire process go so much smoother and stress free for the entire wedding party. All of the Post & Beam Studios photographers were extremely professional and organized, yet welcoming and friendly. They made everyone feel comfortable during the process, which is so important when you're having your photo taken! I'm so glad that we chose a photographer that truly sees wedding photography as an art. It's obvious that this is Laura's passion, not just her job, and that makes for some pretty amazing wedding photos for the couples she works with."

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Examples of my work

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