oVertone conditioners are vegan color-depositing formulas that keep your fantasy hair color bright or add fantasy color to your natural colored or bleached strands. They are designed to gradually replace the color you lose every time you wash your hair, so your color is perfect every single day, whether you were in a salon four days ago or four months ago.

oVertone contains no harmful chemicals – no peroxide, no ammonia, no heavy alcohols, and nothing that will dry out or damage your hair, even if you leave it on for hours every day. We are all about healing and coloring at the same time, so your hair can stay bright, healthy, and (BONUS) low maintenance. We are super excited to release a new line of Hair Glitter products this fall. These easy to use, opaque Glitter Gels can add sparkle and shine to any look!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Do you want your fantasy hair to look just as fresh on your wedding day as the moment you walked out of the salon, without a major hair damage commitment right before the big event? oVertone is the answer! Our color depositing hair conditioners make it easy to show the true you and express yourself when it matters most. Whether you're rocking a bold blue, blush blonde, or want to add a touch of sparkle and shine, we've got you covered!

"I hated paying a fortune for hair color and it was gone in a week. I also hated never washing my hair, rinsing with cold water, and re coloring every two weeks. Now with overtone I can keep my color, wash my hair in HOT water, and change my look frequently. BONUS-my hair has never been healthier! Best. Products. EVER!!!!" – Kathy Schnader (using Pastel Pink Complete System)

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