Milestone Images is a boutique studio and event photography business under the creative direction of Angela Gaul, offering a blend of wedding photojournalism infused with innovative portraiture. Simply put: Hi! I'm Angie, and Milestone Images is my baby. I promise not to act like a drill sergeant who yells at your grandma. In fact, I'm far more likely to to do the Thriller dance.

I first joined the community here at Offbeat Bride when I was planning own wedding back in 2008, and my husband Joel frequently joins me as a second photographer for larger events. There seem to be a lot of husband and wife teams in the wedding photography industry, and yes, we're one of them! We've been shooting together for the past six years, however, so prior to becoming that husband and wife team, I guess we were the "living in sin" team?

Anyway, one of the things that makes me a good fit for Offbeat Bride readers is that I really value this particular online community. I am so grateful for the creative, open-minded celebration of love and subcultures, especially since I myself was probably the epitome of an Offbeat Lite Bride. I keep coming back because I continue to learn something new every day. I recently re-designed my business website based almost entirely on the feedback in this entry, and I love having clients who inspire me and spark my creativity with their own.

How I cater to Offbeat Brides

On a practical note, I get a lot of international couples from Offbeat Bride who elope in New York, and I've served as the official witness for all of them. So yes, I can bring my New York State driver's license with me to your wedding! That counts as catering to Offbeat Brides, right? :)

On a more serious note, I try at all times to run my business with the same principles that guide my life. My deeply held belief in marriage equality not only means that my home and studio are safe, LBGTQ-friendly spaces- It also means that telling the love stories of LGBT couples, and working with gender-neutral contracts, is at the heart of what I do.

Some families rock, but my family rocks AND rolls! There were six people on the dance floor at my own wedding in wheelchairs. I am completely comfortable working with differently-abled couples AND members of their family. Since your wedding day is one of the few times in your life that everyone you love most gathers in one place, there should be gorgeous, inclusive photographs of everyone you love. From autism spectrum disorders to older relatives with Alzheimer's and everything in between, I am sensitive to people with special needs, particularly in a sensory-rich environment like a wedding. I also have a working knowledge of American sign language, and I speak Spanish. That's not really a disability-friendly thing, but it comes in handy.

My love of nature translates to a passion for gorgeous light and frequently makes me a good fit for couples who get married outdoors or in places like the Bronx Zoo! However, I also run Milestone Images with a commitment to green business practices. Having a studio in my own home reduces my daily commute to walking down the stairs, and we are fierce recyclers as well. While I frequently travel for weddings- in fact, I travel beyond New York City and the Hudson Valley for a full 50% of them- I factor in the purchase of carbon credits in my business overhead to keep my carbon footprint down. Plus, I purchase all of my camera gear from Canon, which has won awards for its green business practices.

Finally, a lot of my Offbeat Brides really responded to my initial Q & A here about body image and my pinup photography advertorial featuring plus-sized women. Real women with real bodies seeking really beautiful boudoir and wedding photography? Yes, please!

"Thank you to you and Joel for capturing a perfect day. You were so great at being there to show us every happy moment and yet invisible as well. You were both so enjoyable at our home, respectful of the ceremony, creative at the park and fun at that reception! You were more than we could have hoped for."
-Susan Muirhead

Offbeat Brides ALWAYS get a 10% discount from me.

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