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I've been an offbeat vendor since 2009, and approximately 75% of my wedding clients find me here or through word-of-mouth referrals from my alumni Offbeat Bride couples. In that time, I've shot Christian, Jewish, Catholic, Hindu, Wiccan, Shinto, Buddhist, Irish, Greek, Armenian, Chinese, Laveyan Satanist, Unitarian, atheist, Harry Potter-themed, Dr Who-inspired, polyamorous, queer, and disability-friendly weddings in every kind of temple, church, synagogue, hotel, museum, courthouse, winery, beach, farm, forest, park, B&B, castle, boat, resort, retreat center, historic landmark and summer camp you can imagine. You know that saying about life not being about the number of breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away? That's what I love capturing. When you've found the person who is your heart's true happiness, you deserve to celebrate that love and have it reflected back to you in gorgeous photographs.

If you're here, you are planning your wedding or about to start. Check out Milestone Images' Pinterest account. It's not the typical, pie-in-the-sky Pinterest fodder with an emphasis on aspirational perfectionism. I'm a sucker for beautiful wreaths of succulents balanced on a model's head or a cake adorned with sugar-rolled birch twigs as much as the next girl, but sometimes you want to see what actually worked for real people with realistic budgets and actual time constraints on a very busy, highly scheduled day. All the boards with the word “Real” in the title are all from real weddings, shot by me (Hi! I'm Angie; Milestone Images is my baby) for couples who are really in love at a real event. Since 3/4s of those brides and grooms used the Offbeat Empire in their planning, the ideas you'll find there are sometimes geeky, frequently DIY with an emphasis toward affordable, usually imbued with meaning, and always creative. Most of all, these are cakes (and cake alternatives), rings, flowers and best of all SHOES (I know you love the Empire's shoe posts; I'm addicted, too) worn by real people who were actually engaged and supported by this community. It’s a resource of inspiration unlike any other on the interwebs. It’s a real collection of real details all shot by one photographer (that would be me). It’s not driven by advertising, and none of it is from a staged or styled shoot. The Real Wedding Surprises board is not to be missed, but the 35 Wedding Poses board is 1.) designed to be extremely helpful and 2.) interesting in that you can see my creative approach to executing similar concepts in different and innovative ways. That's important when you work with a studio as in-demand as Milestone Images is, but you don’t want your photos to looks like everyone else’s.

My approach is primarily documentary, capturing all the authentic laughter, tears and beauty that emerge effortlessly on a wedding day. I am also people-focused, making sure to capture everyone you love the most in flattering, emotional photographs before getting you back to the celebration that brought you all together in the first place. As cool as I may be (not really), you aren't there to hang out with me. Years from now, I want you to be able to look at your photographs and remember everyone who came and what it felt like to rock out at your wedding. Even better, people who find me through Offbeat Bride always save 10%. People like the discount, which is always nice, but mostly, my clients work with me because they connect with my artistic vision, my energy and my passion for wedding photography. Come find me on Facebook, check out my portfolio, stalk my blog, and when you're ready, get in touch. I look forward to hearing all about your love story, talking with you and your beloved, and hearing what your priorities are for your wedding and the memories you'll treasure for years to come.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

On a practical note, I get a lot of international couples from Offbeat Bride who elope in New York, and I've served as the official witness for all of them. So yes, I can bring my New York State driver's license with me to your wedding! That counts as catering to Offbeat Brides, right? 🙂

On a more serious note, I try at all times to run my business with the same principles that guide my life. My deeply held belief in marriage equality not only means that my home and studio are safe, LBGTQ-friendly spaces- It also means that telling the love stories of LGBT couples, and working with gender-neutral contracts, is at the heart of what I do.

Some families rock, but my family rocks AND rolls! There were six people on the dance floor at my own wedding in wheelchairs. I am completely comfortable working with differently-abled couples AND members of their family. Since your wedding day is one of the few times in your life that everyone you love most gathers in one place, there should be gorgeous, inclusive photographs of everyone you love. From autism spectrum disorders to older relatives with Alzheimer's and everything in between, I am sensitive to people with special needs, particularly in a sensory-rich environment like a wedding. I also have a working knowledge of American sign language, and I speak Spanish. That's not really a disability-friendly thing, but it comes in handy.

My love of nature translates to a passion for gorgeous light and frequently makes me a good fit for couples who get married outdoors or in places like the Bronx Zoo! However, I also run Milestone Images with a commitment to green business practices. Having a studio in my own home reduces my daily commute to walking down the stairs, and we are fierce recyclers as well. While I frequently travel for weddings- in fact, I travel beyond New York City and the Hudson Valley for a full 50% of them- I factor in the purchase of carbon credits in my business overhead to keep my carbon footprint down. Plus, I purchase all of my camera gear from Canon, which has won awards for its green business practices.

Finally, a lot of my Offbeat Brides really responded to my initial Q & A here about body image and my pinup photography advertorial featuring plus-sized women. Real women with real bodies seeking really beautiful boudoir and wedding photography? Yes, please!

"Thank you to you and Joel for capturing a perfect day. You were so great at being there to show us every happy moment and yet invisible as well. You were both so enjoyable at our home, respectful of the ceremony, creative at the park and fun at that reception! You were more than we could have hoped for."
-Susan Muirhead

Offbeat Brides ALWAYS get a 10% discount from me.

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