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renaissance-bride I've been a photographer as long as my young couples have been alive, shooting twin cities and Stillwater weddings almost exclusively for the past 15 years. Every photographer you visit will tell you "this is my passion." It is for me, too – I love what I do and it shows. But one difference is that I'm in a unique position of being able to devote myself to it 100% full-time. I don't have the usual distractions in my life. So my "passion" for this business extends beyond my image-making. It means I answer the phone. You'll like that.

I've photographed people, places, and things everywhere from coast to coast (and in Japan.) I've shot everything from a rock guitarist who married a hip-hop B-Girl, to an airborne balloon wedding, to a urological surgeon who married a former professional model. Last year, one of my couples was a petite traveling speech therapist hooking up with an Austrian Alpine skier – they went photographing sharks from a diving cage on their honeymoon to South Africa. My approach is generally fashion forward with a little offbeat edge.

"I am in love with these pics, you did such a great job!! The slideshow has made two people shed happy tears already today!!"
–Alecia & Nick

How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I love little details, dramatic portraits, fun moments, and candid emotions (I watch chick flicks and pretend it's a chore and that they don't affect me.) I studied French Impressionism and I love it – but I think Don Henley may have been on to something when he sang: "Don't you know that women are the only work of art?"

I hire other guys to assist at my weddings, and we make up a team of the gayest straight guys you'll find behind a camera. The widely varied backgrounds of my photographers and our rather eclectic tastes tend to make us offbeat birds of a feather with our brides. Like most artists, we are at our creative best when we are challenged each weekend by new couples in new circumstances, people whose stories we've taken the time to get to know.

We love stylish, contemporary, on-location urban photo shoots for engagements & weddings. We know the hottest spots around the twin cities (and happen to have the right connections at some of the best). It gives us the opportunity to tell love stories from a different angle. I care for style – teen style, midlife style, academic chic, nerd chic, rocker chic, biker chic – and enough color and pattern to make the fashion birdie cheep in my heart. I like body art. I like girls in hats. Other than my art class, my best class way back in high school was geometry… I was captivated by that, by the contours of light and shadow, balance & symmetry, shape & expression. It motivates me still as a photographer, as I lead a viewer's eye through a composition to pack some emotional wallop in a simple rectangular story.

And I suppose it's only natural that I find myself doing my best work when I'm with great personalities at great locations… it's that potential for great chemistry that draws couples to MetroStyle Studios.

Examples of my work

Since 'a picture is worth a thousand words,' you'll find very few words and lots of my pictures on my website – there are easy-to-navigate static photo galleries galore. Though MetroStyle is a full-service studio, there's no pressure to get you to buy albums or other add-ons that you can find elsewhere! We know that our clients are young, hip, and internet-savvy. Within one week after the wedding, you'll have your fully photofinished images on disk (and a copyright release). A full set of the digital images are also online where out-of-towners can order prints from a convenient shopping-cart-style system. Visit Metro Style Studios for full details.

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