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Melissa Mullins Portraits

I'm a boudoir photographer in Denver capturing the spirits of gentle rebels.

I believe 3-minute dance parties everyday are essential to not taking life too seriously. You might catch me busting a move behind the scenes at a photoshoot. I always encourage everyone to join in with me.

My smile is the most beautiful thing I put on in the morning. Makeup is there if I want it. I refuse to throw out my favorite powerpuff girls pajama pants I've had since 8th grade. I also rock sparkly TOMS with dresses, because they are way better than heels.

I love small circles of close friends and am not one for the masses. A quiet night at home with my husband is better than the fanciest of dates.

I secretly pick out which cats I want to take home with me while volunteering at the shelter, but I settle on just taking photos of them. My own cat is so spoiled she would hate being pushed out of her current rank as queen of the house. (She even has her own hashtag on Instagram.)

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I celebrate women with independent minds, gentle hearts, and rebellious souls.

I am located here in beautiful Denver, Colorado, and offer boudoir photography with a unique twist. I specialize in water portraits and have found it takes a certain type of person to want to get in the water for their boudoir session!

Honestly, offbeat brides are my people. I was an offbeat bride myself, and I love when my clients show me photos of their cats, tattoo ideas, or crafty projects for their wedding. We can create a really special gift for your partner, and celebrate you at the same time. Your boudoir portraits should reflect your personality, passions, and what makes you feel the most awesome. Ultimately boudoir photography is something women should experience for themselves. It's confidence-building, calming, empowering, and fun all at the same time.

"After some health problems I had a pretty hard time embracing my new body. I thought I would never want to get in front of a camera again. Melissa has changed all of that. She helps you love yourself a little more which is something we could all use."
– Marisa

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