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Melissa Koren Photography

I believe in love & laughter (with a healthy dose of sass and crass)
Hoopla & levity. Connections & kindred spirits.
Not only do I believe in them, I photograph them.
Everyone is unique and we all love in our own ways. I have a special way of seeing that. Let me take a picture, and show you.
Together we can make memories tangible and moments indelible.
Shy, quirky, bold or playful, there's a connection and it's intrinsic.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

How do I cater to offbeat brides and grooms?
It takes one to know one. And offbeat is my middle name. (Well, actually — Koren is my middle name [core-in].)

  • I have an obsession with graph paper or anything square for that matter.
  • I think sometimes Pollyanna has a point.
  • The older I get, the darker I require my chocolate to be.
  • There are some things you’re just born to do.
  • Turns out for me, one of those things is being a photographer.
  • As a kid I played piano, read voraciously and lis­te­ned to Mozart, Bette Mid­ler & Bar­bara Streisand.
  • I wan­ted to be Anne Sulli­van, Julie Andrews and Megan Follows when I grew up.
  • I spent hours pla­ying with gyros­co­pes, spi­ro­graphs & clim­bing the Q*bert pyramid.
  • My 12th Christ­mas we got a nintendo and I think I can safely say I’ve devo­ted 4 solid years of my life to Tetris.
  • In high school I was a hard core cho­rus & drama geek.
  • I went to UNH to major in music edu­ca­tion. Turns out, as much as I loved music, I didn’t want it as my profession.
  • I got a "real job" (admin) and sett­led into being "an adult" (yay bills).
  • When my son was born I star­ted taking a lot of pho­tos of him and quickly became an avid hobbiest.
  • I shot a wedding for a family friend and I was imme­dia­tely smit­ten with it.
  • The next day (my 29th birth­day) I woke up and rea­li­zed I knew what I really wan­ted to be when I grew up!

"Melissa is, in a word, a rockstar. She’s cool, calm and collected on top of being super organized, professional and most importantly, uber-talented. Her style is exactly what we were going for. I specifically did not want any “cheesy” wedding photos – forced and unnatural." –Amy

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