Megan Carrie Photography

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I love the first few minutes after meeting someone new, when the inevitable, "so what do you" question pops up. I love to tell them my profession, because when the response, "a wedding photographer? That must be so fun," comes, I get to look people straight in the eye and say "Hell yes, it is."

Think about it: I get to meet great new people, I share in some of the happiest moments in clients' lives, and I get to eat cake all the time. Who would not want this job?

My philosophy: 

Everyone deserves the chance to celebrate their love, and everyone deserves the opportunity to make a friend they trust to photograph their most precious day. I believe that you're entitled to a friend that is as committed to preserving this moment to memory as you are. Don't be surprised if you see me laughing on the dance floor, while documenting the best moments with all of your guests.

My art:

Wedding photography is a challenging medium. And I love a good challenge. Every conceivable style of photography is rolled up into a energetic, fast-paced day. That's what gets me so excited for every wedding I shoot. I take it upon myself to use each client's personality as a template to tell their unique story.

My history:

Calling me "off-beat" is a tad understated. I was the girl who chose Jem over Barbie, and I'd take making mud pies over dressing up any day. Art became a major part of my life in high school, when I began a long, intense relationship with the darkroom. When my mom said I should go to college, art school was the only career path for me. I've been photographing weddings since 2006, and I've been fortunate enough to work with dozens of fantastic couples I now call friends.

How I cater to Offbeat Brides

My clients tell me I’m fun and funky, and I live for a dash of romance. I embrace a photojournalistic style, making sure that the most subtle, honest moments are kept forever. And when we photograph your formal portraits, I’ll give you professional guidance to make sure we capture both stylized and hidden moments.

Examples of my work

You can see more examples of my work on my website.

Promotions for Offbeat Brides

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