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Maven Macaw Events believes in being true to oneself while honoring one's past and planning for a joint future. That means Beca (the Maven Macaw herself) plans weddings for the couple getting married while honoring their families of origin and choice, keeping in mind that, while a great party is great, the marriage is the thing that actually matters.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

As a Offbeat Bride myself, it was obvious that I would choose to work with my Tribe. Boston is well served by WIC planners, but us weirdos, freaks, non-comformists, and those just not wanting a (lovely but cookie-cutter) package wedding are left with few options. Enter me (she says in parentheses)! (with a nod to LMM)

"Beca assisted me on my wedding day and I'm SO glad I had her there. I had a very small bridal party (of one) so having that extra pair of hands was magical. From cinching my corset just right and finding my seven-month-old's pacifier, to texting the caterer and telling people not to park on the lawn, Beca was exactly where I needed her to be before I had to ask. She is a wedding day wizard."
-Annie Yonkers

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