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We like to say that we specialize in awesome people everywhere, so what better place to find new awesome friends than Offbeat Bride! We love unique, offbeat weddings and couples who are just as different. The world seems so filled with fake people and I love how Offbeat readers just want to be real and showcase who they truly are. Plus, since we don’t charge travel fees anywhere in the continental US, it’s even more important for us to make sure we only work with awesome people that truly love each other, us, and photography.

I am a storyteller and I'm passionate about telling stories visually. Everyone is starting a story, in the middle one, or about to start a new one. Sometimes we have multiple stories happening at the same time! I want to be a part of that and capture things has they truly happen.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Before I was a wedding photographer, I was a groom. Knowing nothing of photography at the time, my wife and I ended up with the worst experience from our so called "wedding photographer". Since then I have devoted my life and career as a wedding photographer to helping amazing people just like you.

We specialize in all awesome people and relationships and want to work with people who are true to themselves. We also believe that weddings are about two wonderful people, love, and commitment…nothing else.

My past couples have all told me how easy going, helpful, and enjoyable their overall experience was for them. I do not view my couples as a number or just another job, they are each unique, individual people, and I like my relationship and work to reflect that. I only take a select number of weddings per year to ensure the highest possible help and attention to each of my couples. Although I am sarcastic, love life and having fun, photography is my full time career and passion in life, so I want to work closely with my clients, have the time to get to know them on a personal level, and really create an experience they will love!

I am a very straight forward, no BS type of person and I run my business the same way. There are no hidden fees, travel fees in the continental US, additional cost, or any of that. Everything, including tax, is included in one sweet and awesome price, so there's no wasted time trying to compare every detail or sorting though tons of information.

"Matt did an excellent job photographing all of our moments from our engagement in DC to our wedding day at a South Carolina vineyard. Aside from his photography skills, he was responsive with every email! His photos and service were the best money spent for our wedding."
Rachel Neil

For a limited number of weddings in Hawaii, Alaska, and outside the US, I would love to offer a free all inclusive wedding collection with the only expense being the travel!

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