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Mary Boyden Photography

I'm Mary, a happy wife and mom who loves to photograph weddings because they are the ultimate expression of personality, community, beauty and a helluva an excuse to party. I'm really into that balance of being fun and romantic, serious but also ridiculous, rainbows and glitter, but also minimalism and nitty-gritty details. Ya feel me? I love the hustle and bustle of a wedding and finding ways to make it relaxing for my couples, catching all the little details they can relive forever (without being a totally paparazzi). My favorite weddings are an expression of who a couple is- whether that be a quiet celebration a park, or a rainbow/anime/leggo/star wars rave at a bar. I've shot weddings in castles in Ireland, on the beach in Hawaii, and in childhood homes. Everything is special and significant to me. Bright colors are very important to me, and I love working with clients who are looking for something DIFFERENT than the typical wedding photography that simply looks like everyone else. I dig style and individuality (duh! that's why I'm on Offbeat Bride, right?). My couples are often a mix of two things: creativity and classic. There's usually one who is super outgoing, perhaps a bit loud, life of the party with a lot of big ideas… and the other person is a bit more calm and reserved, calculated, classy, and prefers one-on-one interactions. I LOVE that kind of balance and different extremes! It's so much fun!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I cater to the offbeat couple by bringing ridiculous props and scouting the raddest locations. Think mural walls, abandoned buildings, flowered meadows (or cliffs, ya know). Think confetti, balloons, fake swords, smoke bombs, etc. Your portrait sessions are just an excuse to explore and cuddle up your boo, and I'll be there to be your tour guide and photograph it all. Each session is personalized to the couple- always unique.

Another way I cater to the offbeat couple is that… I do not expect you to be like everyone else. If you are shy, I will let you be shy, and find ways to make you comfortable in front of the camera (believe it or not I can be quite shy too, I get it). And if you're wild and can't sit still, I won't expect you to, but I do know how to get some great shots of your softer side, too. If you need quiet alone time, I'll make sure I help you get it on your wedding day when we take your photos in a quiet, relaxing space. I have learned to work with all sorts of people. Being your photographer is more than taking your picture — it's being your friend, your advocate, and understanding how to get you to have some truly memorable experiences.

"BEST PHOTOGRAPHER IN THE WORLD. Mary is so artistic, creative, and thoughtful. She works magic behind the camera and is even better with her awesome husband – they make a great team. 🙂 Her talent is unmatched and her generous, fun loving personality and bright spirit make her so much fun to work with. I spent a ton of time researching to find the right match for a photographer, and I absolutely couldn't be happier with my choice!" – Mollie

"Mary and her hubby Marten were AMAZING to work with. I can't express enough how great it was to have them photograph our wedding. We had a destination wedding in Ireland, and M&M (yes, that nickname is happening right now) flew out to not only shoot the entire day, but our rehearsal dinner the night before, and an engagement shoot! That's a lot of dedication, especially when photographers usually have you choose between X hours/X photos. M&M were super flexible in that regard and didn't see photography as a number, they saw opportunities and happiness instead.

M&M were professional yet laid back where it made sense. They gave us great direction in a variety of settings, but were open to our ideas too. They were also super thoughtful — they brought props to some of our shoots thinking that we might like them, which we totally did! I mean, wearing a fake crown and having a plastic sword fight with my fiance in front of a medieval castle is my idea of a great shoot, but even if we hadn't of liked it M&M wouldn't have forced it on us.

It's very clear that they've shot a lot of weddings together, as they were super coordinated throughout the day and just experts in general on the flow of things. Mary is also keen on those special moments on a wedding day — she pulled me and Ed aside after our ceremony and closed us off to everyone (herself included) so we could bask in our newlywed-ness alone for a few minutes before going back out. I really appreciated that moment, and I would have never been able to think of that on my own.

They were also the best guests in the world! We had a very small wedding, so everyone got to know one another, and every single one of my guests were just blown away by how polite and fun M&M were. We're so lucky to have found such amazing photographers, who are super flexible, and also just generally cool people. I highly recommend them to anyone, especially if you are having a destination wedding!" – Caitlin

Destination weddings (outside of Oregon/Washington/Texas) get a free portrait session within two days of their wedding! Brides/Grooms with non-naturally colored hair (colors of the rainbow, to be specific) get 15% off their package.

Examples of my work

Christina and Kyle are the kind of folks that trot around Austin, Texas barefoot with feathers in their hair. For their couples shoot, I just couldn't imagine plopping them in a field with a picnic blanket like so many other sessions I'd done before. No, they needed something bigger. Better. Crazier! So I picked up some vintage gypsy dresses and an old wooden table, and had them join me in the river. They love to smoke hookah (strawberry is their favorite) so we decided to have an entire shoot centered around the forrest, hookah, and of course, being in love.

For the first half of their session, we got all the necessary adorable shots of them being in love. The photos any parent could be proud of, perfect for invites, etc.

For the second half of their shoot we threw in their love for all things bohemian, including their awesome hookah set. These are probably the most untraditional way to go about a couples/engagement shoot, but it was perfect for THEM, and it perfectly showcased who they are in this stage in life as little barefoot lovers.

Taylor loves streamlined, simple, elegant and classy things. So for her styled shoot, I decided to stretch her limits to the max, and show her that sometimes doing something "out there" is exactly what one needs. We started out in her comfort zone with beautiful, classy imagery and poses. Then- I had her jump in the water for G&G's very first underwater photo shoot. Taylor fell in LOVE with the idea, and said she felt so free and beautiful outside of her comfort zone. The images are stunning. See so yourself!

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