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M.Studios is a business based in love. Corny, right? Maybe, but it's the truth. We are a team of two photographers who happen to be best friends. We love each other. We love photography. We love our job and we love our clients. That's a lot of love! When we think of our business, the people we have photographed, the places we've gone it's hard not to get a little mushy. We shoot every wedding together so you get two professional photographers to cover your day. There are no tears that we miss, no moments left undocumented.

After 12 plus years of shooting weddings there is nothing we can't and won't do to make your photos amazing. If something needs to be climbed we are on it! Do we have to walk on a frozen pond? We will do it (even though Melissa is deathly afraid of falling in ice… but yes she did face her fear to get the shot!). We have been bruised on dance floors, suffered horrible cases of poison ivy, gotten our work clothes soaked and wet in the ocean, and we do it all for you. Our clients trust us to get those shots and we do.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

We may have been to many many weddings but this is one is YOURS! A lot of brides go the traditional route even though in their heart of hearts they want something a little different. It takes some nerve to deviate from the wedding norms. That's why we love the offbeat brides! We love couples who are brave enough to make their wedding their own! We are a little offbeat ourselves so we appreciate the non-traditional.

"Oh, what to say about the lovely M's?? What could possibly be enough?! I have found myself babbling praise of these wonderful ladies to just about anybody who will listen. They have been, hands down, my favorite vendors to work with throughout this whole wedding process. I came across their work and fell in love; we had our engagement photos taken with them, and despite both my fiancé and I showing up late, flustered, and slightly grouchy, we had a FANTASTIC time (and seriously, what guy has a fantastic time getting engagement photos taken?? Not many). The photos were insanely gorgeous (obviously). And then, of course, the wedding. They were so. much. fun. So great to work with, so professional, and they totally rock at what they do. Melissa and Marisa are such a great team, and they were great at helping me look, you know, like a supermodel. "Hey guys, how do I do this pose so I don't have a double chin?" 😉 They wrangled my double chin, and my disorganized family, and my super-late groom, without breaking a sweat and they looked like they were having fun while doing it. We saw the preview shots the next day and I was just over the moon with excitement about them.

Listen up, brides: with tattoos and photography, you get what you pay for. PLEASE don't do all your hard work and planning and special memories the disservice of trying to get that friend of your dad's who has a camera to photograph your wedding! In 5 years (or less) you will regret it (and that $10 tattoo you got!)! The work of M.Studios is an investment, and it's one of the only investments into your wedding day that will be around for years to come. And it is WORTH EVERY PENNY!!" – Kate Bell

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