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Lovesick Expo for @offbeatbride

Our clients stray from the traditional. They want cool, creative, inspired work. It's just us, Tom and Jon, and a few of our most talented friends.

We're image-makers and musicians, and through Lovesick we bring a brand new take on wedding cinematography, photography, expos, and a live DJ experience.

How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Our clients tend to be music-lovers and creative types who want to stay away from all those clichés that spring to mind when hearing the phrase "wedding DJ" or "wedding videographer."

You can't argue that the music we listen to doesn't reflect our personalities. It absolutely does. It's important that the big day achieves that too. Whether with DJing or film work, it's about making it personal and creating the soundtrack to the "blur of loveliness" that is your wedding day.

“We can't thank you enough for providing such great music at our wedding! Even my grandmom got up and danced! We have gotten so many compliments on the music and I'm sure there are more to come. We had a blast. You can tell I was excited — I think I gave you guys like ten hugs at the end of the night. You guys rock!"
–Katie & Mike

Examples of my work

We'll let someone else tell it:

“Finding a DJ for our wedding who would play the type of music we like was so important to us, and we were beginning to get worried we wouldn't find what we wanted… and then we heard about the DJs with the skinny ties and sneakers. We knew you guys were it when all of our favorite bands were listed on your website, and it was even further confirmed when you suggested an iChat since we live in Baltimore. You were the Mac-using, indie-loving guys we were looking for! The music you played was perfect. A few friends even told us it was the hippest wedding they've ever gone to because of the music. There was something for everyone, and you kept the dance party going well past curfew.
But our biggest thank you is for something we never thought of initially in our wedding planning… our wedding video. Wedding videos are supposed to be terribly boring, and the only people who suffer through watching them are the bride and groom. But now if we have any advice for couples getting married, it's have a videographer. The day goes by so quickly that you can't possibly take in everything or even remember it all. Our video lets us relive the happiest day of our lives, and it's the complete opposite of boring. We're probably biased, but it may be the best wedding video ever! We must have watched the First Look video 20 times the first day, and cried every time.
You guys are the complete package. You are professional and organized, and helped to put us at ease during a crazy, stressful time. You must have ten arms a piece for all that you were able to do! We cannot thank you enough.You helped to make our wedding everything we hoped for. Thank you!”
-Britney and Justin

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