Lovely Rings by Hand

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Lovely Rings by Hand

Lovely Rings by Hand

Wedding Band Workshop

This class allows couples to create their wedding bands from scratch. They choose the metal and the clients do not need prior metalsmithing experience or any materials or tools. Each couple leaves with professional and meaningful ring to add to your wedding story and be worn proudly for years to come.

How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Lovely Rings by Hand appeals to couples that are looking to be part of the process. They want every element of their wedding to reflect them and to be uniquely part of their life. This class allows couples to work together to create their wedding bands .

"Heidi is a wonderfully creative and talented jeweler. She will go the extra mile to be certain that you are satisfied with whatever you might choose to have her create. Her talent is matched with a terrific personality. She is passionate about what she does and takes enormous pride in her work." – Lee Dogoloff

Examples of my work

Recently a couple wanted to work with gold from their grandmother's bridge(yes from her mouth). We worked together to melt down the 22kt gold and roll it out to create their special heirloom. This made their rings and their wedding story really special for the entire family.

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