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Super Cool Entertainment for Awesome Couples

My name is Liz Daley and weddings are my passion! I have a unique set of skills that allow me to do great things for you. I don’t just “clock in” and provide “music”. You’ve got “music” on your phone. I promise to help you create an unforgettable experience… that just happens to include music!

I am your one-stop shop for Wedding Nirvana!
Your party will flow effortlessly. Your guests will have a great time. And your dance floor will be packed all night long! Your wedding will be one of a kind, just like you. Your family and friends will talk about your wedding for years to come, because it will be THAT AMAZING! It’s what I do, and I love it!

My Style on Stage
As your Master of Ceremonies, I will be a combination of Ellen DeGeneres and Neil Patrick Harris with a little bit of Bette Midler thrown in for good measure.

Me in One Sentence
I’m a tender-hearted, touchy-feely extrovert who loves Cosmos.

How I started doing weddings!
I gravitated to the industry completely by accident.
My first passion was the theatre , and while living in New York City, I worked in the special event industry as my side job to support myself in between acting roles. I began as an interactive dancer for Bar Mitzvahs and Weddings and then moved up the food chain.

My Epiphany Moment
It happened when I connected with my current business partner, and author of “The Best Wedding Reception…Ever!,” Peter Merry. He opened my eyes to the possibility of bringing my theatrical experience to the world of weddings and that is when things really started to get interesting!

Great Reviews
When you take some time to check out my reviews on Wedding Wire, you will see that my hands-on attention and commitment to excellence has been proven again and again for over 14 years.

Your Story & Your Friends
At your wedding, I will use my skills as an actress to spotlight your bridal party during the Grand Entrance. I will also tell your Love Story in a unique and fun way that results in everyone being more connected to the celebration.

Themed Weddings
Halloween weekend, 2015…I had the pleasure of presiding over Liz and Cujo’s Renaissance Themed Wedding. Everyone was in costume. I got to be a Bar Wench (not a stretch) and my Co-Master of Ceremonies, Peter Merry got to be a Court Jester (also not a stretch). Working solo, or as a team…we’re pretty much game for anything, and will jump right into the deep end of the pool. Life’s too short to not have fun!

I'm an Equal Opportunity Entertainer.
Recently I was able to help Liza and Jen celebrate their marriage right here in VIRGINIA on their 17th anniversary as partners. It was a beautiful day!

Unique Takes on Old Traditions
One of my favorite wedding memories is something Peter and I did for Jenn and Mike’s wedding in Northern Virginia. Jenn is an FBI agent, and not a “girly-girl” and she wanted to do something fun for the cake cutting, since that is generally a very boring activity. We put three ballot boxes on the cake table. Guests were invited to vote for the cutting implement they wanted Jenn and Mike to use for the cake cutting by stuffing money into the appropriate ballot box.

Option #1 = Traditional Cake Knife.
Option #2 = High Heel Shoe Cake Knife.
Option #3 = Tactical Tomahawk.

Guess which cutting implement won? It was fantastic! Then, as I was inviting the ladies up to catch the bouquet, Jenn secretly picked up the tomahawk and hid it under her bouquet. On the count of three, she pretended to toss the tomahawk. It was crazy fun! (and they had extra cash for their honeymoon)

And… another Offbeat Bride who read this story, decided that she would follow this example and offered the following choices to her guests.

Option #1 – Traditional Cake Knife
Option #2 – Sword
Option #3 – Guillotine

The voting was fierce and the ballot boxes were overflowing with money. In the end, the Guillotine was chosen. But it was not efficient, so the Sword was also used. Good Times!!!! Check out my blog post about my Renaissance Wedding.

Singing and Dancing
I’ve sung from “Phantom of the Opera” during dinner, because my couple loved Broadway! (Just like me) And… I’ve also serenaded my couples and sung their first dance song.

More importantly, I’m not afraid to get involved and I’ve been known to jump out from behind the DJ booth and dance to “Hand-Jive” and “Greased Lighting”, because my couple loved the movie, “Grease”.

Surprise Elements
I created original montage mixes worthy of YOUTUBE with surprises during the special dances.

I’ve celebrated the kitchen staff, because the bride’s mother was a Chef.

And being from Virginia, I have facilitated the Hokie Bird, Virginia Tech’s Mascot, surprising the guests.

Creative Fun
Here is a video montage of some fun things: Best Man, Moe entering without his shirt like a wrestler, the whole bridal party doing the “Time Warp,” groomsmen doing the “Wobble” as a performance, groomsmen recreating a scene from “Top Gun,” etc.

Reality Check #1:
If I were forced to be the DJ at the “same party” every weekend, with the same songs and the same cheese, and all the boring and lifeless rituals…I would have to perform the Japanese Samurai act known as Seppuku, because I would be ashamed of myself for doing something so lame.

Reality Check #2
If I do my job well…it looks so easy, you would think that anyone could do it. That is, until you see my job done poorly. Then you are horrified.
Trust me to make your wedding day everything you want and more. You don’t get a do-over, and I won’t let you down. I promise.

I'm very willing to travel to where you are!

I love my job and your party will absolutely be off the charts!

Set Up Your Free Consultation and let the fun begin…
Call My Office: 757-566-4530
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Upcoming Fun
I've got plans for a "Classy Nerd" themed wedding in Washington DC with a little bit of Dr. Who thrown in for good measure that will include Bocci during the cocktail hour, Swing Dancing and The Hora during the reception and Bowling for the afterparty!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

It’s simple really. I listen, and then I listen some more. It’s my job to help you create everything you have imagined. I do this though music, planning, and all the other skill sets in my arsenal.

But first, I want to get to know you and your fiancé . Call me and lets see if we are a good match. Then the fun can really begin.

Liz was the Master of Ceremonies and DJ for my son's wedding and I knew she was going to be great when we booked her but she exceeded those expectations. From our first phone conversation to immediate Skype Date she took so much weight off of our shoulders on how the wedding would proceed, how she was going to take care of us and how she was going to make our guests feel. As this was a destination wedding, we had no boots on the ground, but she made us feel like it was handled. And it was! After everyone told us how beautiful the wedding was they immediately said, "Is the DJ a friend of yours because she was amazing!" We heard that from not one family but more than a dozen. She impressed. She impressed so much we know she will be our person for our daughter's upcoming wedding. She adds a personal touch to the event that made everyone feel welcome and laugh. You will not want to sit down with her at the mic. She's wonderful and no one can do it like Liz does it! – Christy, Mother of the Groom

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