Little Bat Photography

San Francisco, California

Little Bat is the photography of Jillian West, an artist who loves to create and approaches photography as an art form.

Little Bat is about floating around the room documenting things as they happen rather than requiring your attention when you should be having the time of your life. I go light on the posing and heavy on the organic flow, catching everything (sometimes while standing on chairs or hiding behind trees to catch a perfect shot).

I love working with creative (and fun and nerdy) people while capturing emotion and capitalizing on color and contrast.

'Jillian was there through the whole thing, noticing things I didn’t see and wanted to remember, and getting the wedding so very, very, RIGHT."
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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I get that imperfection is awesome. I understand that people are shy and some people are really anxious about having a camera around (I’m married to one of them). I get as involved as you want me, and by the time we get to the wedding, it should feel like a friend is taking your photos.

I am sometimes seen making your veil or sewing your buttons back on, kindly telling party crashers to leave, and helping you remember that this is about you and your awesome marriage, not about pretending you’re in a staged 'inspiration shoot."

I’m a more than a bit offbeat myself. As an artist, I never want to stop. I read books back to back and indulge in secret special worlds that don't exist through children's fiction and art. I listen to records on Sundays on my living room floor. I have a tad of an obsession with vintage hats and dresses. I can't get enough of Hitchcock or the Addams Family or Twin Peaks.

Examples of my work

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