Leah and Mark

Atlanta, Georgia

Hello! We're Leah and Mark, and we're a wife-and-husband photography team based in Atlanta, GA. Our photos have a cinematic quality reminiscent of films from the 60′s, 70′s and more recent films like The Royal Tenenbaums. Other influences include The Sound of Music, The Graduate, and Dutch painter Jan Vermeer. We tend to use a warm palette of colors, which is a departure from the crisp and modern look that many wedding photographers currently produce.

We also strive for a consistent level of quality throughout the entire wedding set — and we'll show you more than just a few hand picked photos because we're professionals who don't just get "lucky" shots.

We truly enjoy the creativity inherent in offbeat weddings, and we believe that the photography should do more than simply document the event. We love photographing weddings in less traditional venues, from the basement of an old hotel that's now used for local bands (Highland Ballroom here in Atlanta), to a small, family-run organic farm (Blossom Hill Farms), or a small Japanese garden in Atlanta (Atlanta Botanical Gardens). We appreciate the heart and soul that goes into making the wedding a reflection of each couple's bond, their community, and the things they hold dear (or just get a big kick out of!). We really love getting to know our clients, and we want our photos to capture each couples' unique style.

A good photo shouldn't tell you it's good, you should feel that way just by seeing it. The clients that hire us understand that their pictures aren't going to look like anyone else's wedding photos. We believe more often than not, the coolest shot isn't necessarily one that's setup and meant to be cool. The coolest photos to us are the ones that embody the love, emotion and atmosphere of the wedding day.

We're based in Atlanta but we'll travel just about anywhere, including internationally. Leah was born and raised in the South but spent some time abroad in India, Nepal, Tibet and China and can now speak some Mandarin, a smidgen of Tibetan, and even a bit of French. Mark was born in the Philippines, raised on the West Coast, and caught the travel bug from Leah. We love eating, talking, going new places, and taking photos. We got engaged on the Great Wall of China after spending a month roaming the country.

"We could not be more thrilled with our choice of Leah and Mark as photographers. They were very friendly, and our emails were always returned promptly. We also really enjoyed having them as 'guests' at our wedding. They fit right in with all of our friends and family and were not at all intrusive. And their pictures are absolutely TO DIE FOR! We recommend Leah and Mark without hesitation as they were definitely our best vendor." – Jamie F.
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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Honestly? We're one of the very few photographers out there that offer a 100% money back guarantee. I know that's more of a "business" aspect — but we think that it fits perfectly with our Offbeat clients because hey — you're all taking a chance on us.

Most of our weddings are out of state (we're based in Atlanta, Georgia) – and we know that it's a big deal to hire someone to fly across the country to photograph your wedding. So we take away all of the risk. We guarantee our work 100%, and if anything happens at all – for whatever reason – if the wedding doesn't occur, then we'll refund everything. All of it. Even travel fees. We mean it. 100% Guaranteed.

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Ever since we started working with Offbeat Bride we've always offered the same discount to all Offbeat Brides — 10% off the base rate of any of our wedding packages! AND No Extra Travel Fees.

That's right. No Extra Travel Fees.

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